Thermal Insulation Blankets

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Thermaxx Thermal Insulation Blankets 

Improve Energy Efficiency, Safety and Lowers Utility Bills for Hot Components Like Pipes, Valves, Boilers and More

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Thermaxx Jackets offers high-quality removable thermal insulation blanket solutions for steam system components and high temperature applications.

Thousands of customers across the US have trusted thermal insulation blankets by Thermaxx to improve the energy efficiency, safety, and appearance of their boiler rooms and more. Our customers choose our products for their buildings, facilities, and campuses because of the benefits thermal insulation blankets have over traditional stay-in-place fiberglass insulation for steam system components and high-temperature applications.

Whenever your insulated component requires maintenance or repair, traditional fiberglass insulation must be damaged or removed to complete the work. The bare component is rarely reinsulated, resulting in wasted energy and pricey utility bills. That’s why universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, multifamily buildings, office buildings, the oil and gas industry, chemical processing plants, and many more invest in thermal blanket insulation that can be reinstalled!

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  • Thermaxx has led the removable insulation blanket industry for decades with products designed with experience & innovative technologies
  • Keep costly heat from escaping from your equipment providing maximum therm savings. Hot jackets are designed with high-quality materials like heat-resistant thread and jacketing to ensure they can handle temperatures of up to 550°F!
  • Our reusable blankets are made with hook and loop straps, or 1 inch buckles and D-rings that keep them securely in place and make them easy to remove.
  • Reduce the risk of workplace injuries & improve the appearance & comfort of any room.
  • Available for wet or dry applications, our serviceable insulation can also be built with grommets that provide water drainage solutions to help prevent corrosion under insulation.
  • Made in the USA: our products are custom designed & manufactured in our headquarters in West Haven, CT.
  • Buy with confidence! Thermaxx insulation blankets are backed by a 5-year guarantee.

Slates QR Tags

Every Thermaxx jacket includes a Slate tag, which enables you to log maintenance & inspection records & much more. Just scan the QR code on the tag using your smartphone to edit & manage your records.

Insulation Blankets By Thermaxx Jackets


Full Service Insulation Solutions

Thermaxx offers turn-key full-service insulation solutions. Rely on our experience and expertise every step of the way. We begin by conducting, analyzing, and reporting on your facility’s heat loss survey to find the best opportunities to improve energy efficiency with removable insulation blankets or otherwise. Next, we’ll assist you in obtaining project approval & procurement including applying for incentives & financing. Finally, we’ll measure your components, manufacture your insulation blankets, and install them as intended. Contact us today to schedule your heat loss survey by Thermaxx or request a quote!

Common Applications for Thermal Insulation Blankets and Pipe Insulation Blankets

Insulation jackets are used across several industries, including municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals. Other sectors where you can use Thermaxx blankets include:

  • Government buildings
  • Large offices
  • Large-scale physical facilities
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants
  • Manufacturers
  • Multiuse or multifamily buildings
  • Commercial facilities
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complexes

Explore how thermal jackets are commonly used within the following industries:


In school settings, insulation helps make the environment comfortable for students and staff. It provides temperature control to ensure buildings maintain the correct temps in any season or weather. Insulation can also help keep staff safe from burns and reduce utility costs.


Much like school buildings, insulation will help keep municipal buildings comfortable for employees and visitors throughout every season. It also has the additional benefit of reducing external sound, allowing for a quiet workspace. Insulation will also help reduce heat loss and energy costs.


Insulation is critical in university buildings’ functioning, as classrooms and offices are filled with thousands of students and faculty every day. Aside from building comfort, insulation can assist with lowering carbon emissions and protecting important equipment from external elements. These benefits are essential for campuses with multiple mechanical rooms.


Healthy environments are essential for healthcare facilities — and insulation can help improve air quality. Insulation reduces the risk of air leaks, mildew, mold, and unwanted moisture. Many healthcare buildings and hospitals are part of large campuses or buildings, making insulation crucial across the entire system.


Commercial buildings include apartment complexes, multi-use buildings, and offices. You have many people coming in and out of these buildings each day, whether their customers or tenants, so you need proper insulation. Our thermal blankets help control your entire building’s temperature while easing maintenance crews’ risk of burns.


In an industrial application, you might need Thermaxx jackets for numerous components, including:

  • Storage terminals
  • Furnaces
  • Large-scale piping
  • Ovens
  • Boilers

Each of these items operates at different temperatures and often in harsh or challenging environments, including the outdoors. You need insulation that can withstand external elements and temperatures.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Thermal Insulation Blankets

Choosing the right insulation involves various factors. You will need to consider everything from your budget to the materials used to create the blankets. The most critical factors to consider include:

  • Temperature range: What is the temperature of what is inside your pipes? What about external air temperature and exposure to the elements? Understanding these will tell you what type of insulation blankets you need for your components.
  • Regulatory requirements: You might have to meet compliance regulations in your industry. Determine what these are so you can pick the right insulation blankets to maintain compliance.
  • Space and measurements: You also need to determine how much space you have between components and how long or large the pipes or equipment are.
  • Thickness: The thickness you need for your insulation jackets will depend on the location of the components. Indoor insulation thickness is much different than outdoors, where the items are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather.

At Thermaxx, we strive to create custom thermal jackets that will benefit your application, no matter your industry. Learn more about our products today.

Layers of a Removable Insulation Blanket - Thermaxx

Insulation Materials and Temperatures

TemperatureJacket Inside MaterialInsulationJacket OutsideAnticipated Touch Temperature
100 – 299 °FEJ 16501" Needled Fiberglass EJ 165093 - 103 °F
300 – 449 °FEJ 16501.5" Needled FiberglassEJ 165094 - 108 °F
450 – 599 °FEJ 16501.5" Needled Fiberglass + 10mm PyrogelEJ 165098 - 109 °F
> 600 °FVermiculiteAs designedEJ 1650As Designed

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