About Thermaxx

The Thermaxx Jackets formula for success is simple. Our success = the total sum of our customer experiences. To make it all add up, we’ve hired some of the best experts in the business!

We’re here to help clients find the best solutions to their problems, no matter how unique or complex their needs are. With deep, specialized knowledge in the field of removable and reusable insulation jackets, our staff offers expert-level guidance, frequently helping clients develop appropriate specifications for the situation, and designing an insulation cover around those specs. Many of our engineers and designers have cross-disciplinary experience that allows for more effective design and production.


Our headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is located in West Haven, CT, where we employ top-quality personnel and ISO 9001:2015 certified processes to ensure product performance and durability.


We work with clients in a wide variety of industries, with a broad range of needs. Our diverse client list includes original equipment manufacturers, universities, and contractors such as Yale University, University of Georgia, Mount Sinai, Spirit Aero, Pratt & Whitney, Norwalk Hospital, NRG, and King Industries.

Our Team

Brian Bannon

Brian Bannon is the Co-Owner/President of Thermaxx Brian Bannon, Co-Founder of ThermaXX LLC, started his … →

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Larry Campana

Larry Campana is the CEO of Thermaxx Larry Campana joins Thermaxx Jackets with 15 years … →

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Philip J. Johns

Philip J. Johns is the CTO of Thermaxx Philip J. Johns (P.J) is focused on … →

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Tom Salagaj

Tom Salagaj is the COO of Thermaxx Tom comes to Thermaxx from the semiconductor industry … →

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Suzanne Rowe Barrett

Suzanne Rowe Barrett is VP of Sales at Thermaxx Suzanne Rowe Barrett has been part … →

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Will Jones

Will Jones is the VP of Business Development at Thermaxx William has been in the … →

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Meghan Reilly

Meghan Reilly is Region 1 Sales Manager at Thermaxx Meghan has been part of the … →

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Bonnie Jones

Bonnie Jones is Region 6 & 9 Sales Manager Bonnie has been in sales her … →

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Jennifer Kaelin

Jennifer Kaelin is Region 2 Sales Manager Jennifer Kaelin joins ThermaXX with over 20-years of … →

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Richard Brown

Richard Brown is Region 4 Sales Manager Richard joins ThermaXX with over 20 years of … →

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Jill Mullin

Jill Mullin is the Manger of Business Development, Healthcare for Thermaxx. Jill joined the Thermaxx … →

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Rose Titcomb

Rose Titcomb is Region 8 Sales Manager Rose Titcomb comes to Thermaxx as our Northwest … →

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Sam Grace

Sam Grace is a Designer at Thermaxx As a Thermaxx design engineer, Sam has used … →

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