Removable Insulation Covers for Ball Valves

Ball valve insulation covers are another important member of Thermaxx Jackets standard hot valve insulation product line.

About Ball Valves:

Ball valves are a type of quarter turn valve, a class of valves that are controlled manually by turning a handle 90 degrees. There are many types of ball valves, including three-way, four-way, top entry, welded, single body, three-piece body, and split body

The characteristic which distinguishes ball valves from other quarter turn valves is the spherical disc, appropriately called the “ball,” located inside the ball valve. The ball has a hole, or port, in the middle. The hole is aligned to allow fluid to pass when the handle of the valve is turned on. Likewise, the ball prevents flow when the ball valve handle is turned to the off position.

While ball valves are not recommended for regulating specific amounts of partial flow, ball valves are excellent for reliably ensuring flow can be turned completely on and off, and are often found in emergency shut-off applications. Ball valves are noted for their durability and ability to withstand high volume, high pressures, and high temperatures.

Insulating Ball Valves

Ball valves can be made of many materials, but, in most heavy industrial applications, metals such as brass and steel are typically used for the valve’s body. This fact, combined with the fact that many ball valves operate in high-temperature systems (which may often exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit) means that many ball valves can be a significant point of heat loss.

Losing heat causes the system to work harder to maintain the same high temperature, resulting in higher energy bills, more machine wear, and increased safety risks due to high touch temperatures. Insulation can reduce costs, extend your equipment’s longevity, and increase safety at your facility. Choosing the right type is key to seeing the best return on your insulation investment.

There are multiple ways to insulate a ball valve. Installing traditional stay-in-place insulation is one way to prevent heat loss, but ball valves have particular requirements. Traditional stay-in-place insulation is not practical for ball valves due to their unique shape and the occasional need for maintenance activities such as tightening the stem nut or seat glands, which will require removal of the insulation and an expensive and time consuming installation process.

Removable ball valve insulation covers are often recommended to help control heat loss. Ball valve insulation covers are customizable and reusable. You can design thermal insulation covers that precisely fit your ball valves and easily remove the insulation cover for maintenance.

However, not all insulation covers are created equal. If you are concerned about heat loss from ball valves in your facility, look to the removable valve insulation experts, Thermaxx Jackets. Here’s how we stand out from the competition:

  • Durable construction with a five-year warranty
  • Turnkey service that takes you from design to installation, including project management when necessary
  • Competitive financing options, we will meet you where you’re at
  • Expertise and guidance in leveraging local utility incentives and rebates, to help you save money on your investment
  • Custom designs based on our industry experience, your unique specifications, and a database of over 14,000 ball valve jacket patterns
  • Calculation tool that provide full transparency of your financial saving, increased energy efficiency, and clear return on investment

What to Look for in Ball Valve Covers

Some ball valve insulation covers are better than others. Thermaxx commits to providing the highest-quality products by focusing on the factors that matter most:

  • Fit: An insulation cover should fit over the ball valve without being too loose or tight. We use precise measurements and preexisting models to ensure our ball valve covers fit, given the configuration, orientation, and environment.
  • Thickness: Thicker insulation may be required for a higher touch temperature, but understanding the unique criteria for your specific needs is a standard part of the design service that Thermaxx provides, so as to match the product with the application. We can design insulation covers according to temperature and clearance space.
  • Materials: There are various insulative materials to choose from, each with unique properties. We’ll help you find a ball valve cover that features materials capable of withstanding your equipment’s heat, ambient moisture levels, as well as any other unique contributing factors for your facility.

Ball Valve Materials and Applications

We produce ball valve insulation covers for most types, including butterfly, control, gage, glove, plug, and pressure-reducing valves. The type of valve, the way you use it, and its surrounding environment will dictate which kind of insulation you choose. Our insulation features an exterior lining of either silicone or Teflon™ and a layer of one of the following insulative materials:

Thermaxx Jackets Removable Ball Valve Insulation Covers
Thermaxx Jackets produces insulation covers specifically for ball valves. Our standard ball valve insulation covers share the following characteristics:

  • The Right Fit: An opening for the handle to permit full uninhibited valve functionality.  Thermaxx Jackets’ standard line of ball valve insulation covers is available for class 150 and 300 valves, in sizes ranging from .5 NPT to 24 inches, for three ranges of temperature applications up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Custom-designed insulation jackets are also available to fit your specific needs. For example, we are experienced in custom designing jackets for ball valves that are attached to other uninsulated components.
  • Convenient: Velcro closures around the split and top to permit easy removal and replacement of valve insulation, which can be done in a matter of minutes.  A seal flap, an uninsulated 2-inch flap with a tie cord that prevents the jacket from shifting or rotating, also keeps the jacket in place to ensure tightness of fit.
  • Costeffective: Thermaxx ball valve insulation covers may be customized, providing you with the correct item at the right price.
  • High quality: Like with all Thermaxx insulation jackets, our ball valve insulation covers are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty. We stand behind our ball valve jackets because they are meticulously designed and crafted to remain effective under harsh conditions for extended periods of time.

Common Issues When Trying to Insulate Ball Valves

Our custom insulated covers offer solutions to many of the challenges you face when insulating ball valances:

  • Accessing the valve for maintenance: You can remove our insulation covers in seconds and strap them back onto the valve when you finish maintenance.
  • Maintaining consistent temperature: Keeping fluids cool or hot as they pass through opposing environments often results in unwanted heat loss or gain. We choose insulative materials that retain or repel heat according to your needs.
  • Withstanding temperature variations: Our insulation features a durable exterior lining that can handle exposure to high and low temperatures.
  • Meeting your valve’s specifications: Every valve is unique, so match yours with unique valve covers. We customize valve insulation coverings according to the type, size, and clearance.

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