Keep it Chilled with Thermaxx Cold Water Pipe Insulation Jackets!

Thermaxx Cold Insulation Jackets keep components and pipes cold, saving energy and reducing condensation-related damage.

Cooling jackets for pipes prevent energy waste associated with external heat sources warming your chilled pipes. Thermaxx Jackets are also made to prevent pipe sweating, which helps prevent corrosion and dangerous wet areas. These pipe covers for cold weather are easily removed, allowing for top-notch insulation that doesn’t interfere with regular maintenance.

Why Use Cold Water Pipe Insulation?

Your organization can see numerous benefits from cold water pipe insulation:

Save Money with Cooling Jackets

Ambient room temperatures can make keeping chilled pipes cold an expensive task. By installing cold insulation jackets, the air won’t affect the energy costs associated with keeping your pipes cool.

Stop Wasting Energy

The biggest factor affecting how much energy it takes to keep your pipes chilled is room temperature – the warmer the air temperature, the more energy it takes to keep your pipes similarly cool. By insulating your equipment with cold insulation, it will take less energy to keep your pipes similarly cool.

Eliminate Pipe Sweating

Pipe sweating is caused by a large disparity between pipe temperature and ambient temperature. Water condenses on the pipe, which can be the cause of several problems, such as dangerous wet floors, damage to water-sensitive equipment, or pipe corrosion.

Avoid Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is caused when the water inside insulation can’t escape and damages the equipment by eroding the metal. This can be caused by pipe sweating due to inefficient insulation or accidents that involve water leaking onto equipment. Thermaxx Jackets help prevent CUI by fitting snugly over your equipment to prevent pipe sweating. Should water get into your insulation, our cold insulation jackets have vents built in to allow water to escape before any damage is done. In addition to drainage, Thermaxx removable insulation blankets can be removed easily for routine inspection of the piping system.

Prevent Dangerous Wet Areas

Wet floors can be hazardous, especially if they’re concrete. Water consistently dripping onto an area, such as happens with uninsulated pipes, can cause algae or mold to grow in the constant moisture. This can cause health concerns, and make dangerous wet areas even more slippery. Cold pipe insulation will prevent the condensation that causes these problems.

Easily Removable for Servicing

Thermaxx Jackets are made to be easily removed and replaced, ensuring your energy efficiency will not get in the way of regular maintenance. Our quality jackets are made with hook and loop straps, or 1-inch buckles and D-rings. This keeps the jacket securely in place while making them easy to remove. Our jackets are also sometimes built with vents and water drainage solutions to help prevent corrosion under insulation.

High-Quality Construction

Thermaxx Jackets are made with high-quality and state-of-the-art materials by USA manufacturers. We use heat-resistant thread and jacketing to ensure the jacket can handle high temperatures, and use fully hydrophobic aerogel insulation or Glass mat, type E needled fiber as insulation. We then sew the components together, ensuring the insulation interior is actively sewn into to jacket to prevent shifting. The result is a high-quality, durable jacket, able to withstand extreme temperatures and removal without losing quality or functionality.

Cooling Jacket Applications

  • Cold water tanks
  • Hot water pipes
  • Outdoor boilers
  • Outdoor heat pumps
  • Water lines and water mains
  • Water meters
  • Outdoor steam traps
  • Outdoor water valves
  • Much more


Cold Application Jacket Materials

Thermaxx uses durable materials to produce cold water pipe covers you can count on at your facility. These can be used in indoor and outdoor applications where they can protect against freezing in cold weather or condensation from heat. Our insulation covers feature insulative material between two protective exterior layers.

Insulation Materials

Choose Thermaxx for an insulating material that rises to your facility’s unique needs and specifications. We design insulative cold water pipe covers using materials like:

  • Flexible closed cell insulation: Used to resist heat for lower condensation and frost formation in temperatures as high as 300 degrees and low as -297 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cryogel® XT: This material consists of silica aerogel and glass-fiber batting that combine for a hydrophobic product that keeps pipes cool inside and out.

Outer Coverings

The pipe insulation you choose should have an exterior lining ready to handle its environment. Our insulation blankets for cold water pipes use materials like silicone and PTFE for durable protection. These materials withstand heat, repel moisture, and prevent corrosion.

Cold Temperature Jacket Applications

Thermaxx offers customizable insulation jackets for numerous applications. Work with us to outfit your facility with a circular cold water tank insulation jacket, pipe insulation cover, outdoor boiler blanket, or any other low-temperature insulation product you need. You can use our cold application jackets for:

  • Cold water tanks
  • Outdoor boilers
  • Outdoor heat pumps
  • Water lines and water mains
  • Water meters
  • Outdoor steam traps
  • Outdoor water valves
  • Much more

Pipe Cooling Jackets for Industry-Specific Needs

Thermaxx leverages technology and experience to develop insulation for specific applications. Our designers know your industry and can help you solve unique temperature challenges. Our covers can keep your pipes cold and prevent freezing in:

  • Hospitals: Insulate chilled water piping systems and air ducts to avoid condensation, corrosion, and freezing.
  • Municipalities: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving cooling efficiency in every building.
  • Universities and schools: Install insulation that protects air conditioning supply ducts and chilled water piping systems campus-wide.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning: Protect cooling systems from damage related to condensation and corrosion while increasing efficiency.
  • Dairy: Cut energy costs and prevent waste by insulating the pipes carrying cold dairy products.
  • Chemical processing: Lower your energy consumption by insulating the systems that cool and store liquified gases.

Why Choose Thermaxx?

Thermaxx stands apart with a diverse range of durable insulation products for specific applications. Here’s why businesses choose us for cold weather and cold pipe insulation:

  • The Thermaxx warranty: Like all Thermaxx Jackets, our cold insulation jackets are backed by an industry leading five-year warranty — the best in the business. When we say “high quality,” you know we mean it.
  • Turnkey services: We help customers make the most of their insulation by providing support during every step from planning to installation, including project management and leveraging the best local utility incentives and rebates in your location.
  • High returns: Our insulation produces results worth the investment. Many customers experience a full return within 24 months, so calculate your savings to see how you can benefit.
  • Customization: We use our first-hand experience with your industry and our database of pre-existing patterns to develop the most effective insulation product for your facility.
  • Speed and flexibility: We’ll work on your terms to complete the project according to your schedule and budget.
  • Transparent energy savings: We offer precise energy calculations so you can accurately project reductions to your energy bill and carbon footprint.

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