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When it comes to industrial insulation, you want to cover all your bases. Moisture, damage, and wear on machinery can cost your business money. Fortunately, Thermaxx has the solution to help you reduce these problems and increase your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial process insulation!

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What Industrial Components Need Insulation?

Industrial components are diverse, but they all share one thing in common — they all need adaptable insulation for peak function. Consider upgrading or adding industrial insulation to:

  • Pipe systems: Without proper mechanicals and piping, it would be impossible to transport essential materials from one location to another. Industrial pipe insulation helps prevent the pipes from becoming too hot or too cold, which could lead to damage or failure.
  • Furnaces: Furnaces play an integral role in industrial facilities by providing heat. If a furnace loses its insulation, it can cause problems such as increased energy costs and safety concerns due to extreme temperatures.
  • Boilers: Insulation can limit radiant heat loss, which plays a significant factor in promoting your boiler’s efficiency while helping to shield personnel from hot surfaces.
  • Instrument panels: As the control centers for industrial components, instrument panels benefit from insulation that will repel moisture and last in harsh conditions with temperature fluctuations and debris.
  • Storage terminals: Insulation can help control and regulate terminal temperature, which is essential for maintaining product quality and safety.
  • Other serviceable components: Thermaxx specializes in extremely custom insulation solutions.  If you have a specialized piece of serviceable equipment that needs heat or acoustic insulation, Thermaxx has you covered.

Calculate Heat Loss With Thermaxx

At Thermaxx, we understand that when it comes to improving your facility’s efficiency and reducing energy costs, you need a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. That’s why we offer no-cost heat surveys. Our experts will identify areas you should urgently address and give you an accurate breakdown of how much you can save by upgrading your insulation. To calculate your return on investment, our technicians will inspect your facilities to uncover areas without insulation or with damaged insulation and document:

  • The current cost of steam
  • Hours of equipment operation
  • Component make, size, and model
  • Component operating temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Overall system efficiency

Energy loss can pose a serious problem for your business, but we make this issue simple to solve with industrial insulation blankets. Estimate how much energy your operations are losing and how much money you can save by upgrading your insulation with our Heat Loss Calculator today.

The Benefits of Thermaxx Insulation

At Thermaxx, we offer flexible financing options and turn-key insulation solutions to help you to:

  • Save on utility bills: Recouping your insulation investment in less than a year will make it easy for you to see the benefits of insulating your industrial space.
  • Protect equipment: When applied to your machinery, Thermaxx jackets protect against accidental damage, elemental exposure, and condensation.
  • Protect employees: Our insulation jackets can shield workers from burns and facilities from fire risks by preventing the heat produced by the heaters, boilers, and motors from transferring to the outside environment. Proper insulation serves as a protective barrier between employees and dangerous machinery or equipment, helping to safeguard workers from exposure to extreme temperatures, safeguarding against potential burn hazards
  • Comply with OSHA regulations: Thermaxx insulation jackets are designed to meet or exceed all applicable OSHA requirements, including limiting noise exposure.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: A significant source of greenhouse gas emissions includes the energy used by industrial facilities. Insulating your facility can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Request a Heat Loss Survey

Thermaxx’s thorough energy assessment will identify ways to reduce energy costs and increase your business’s bottom line. Request a heat loss audit today to get a detailed report of the short-term and long-term possibilities!

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