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T11053 Yale Sterling Expansion Joint with Removable Insulation CoverHard insulation can contribute to waste and additional costs through removal and re-installation costs and gaps in insulation. With a removable insulation blanket, you can remove the insulation whenever necessary, and then put it back into place – just “Wrap & Strap.” No need to re-purchase hard installation and pay a contractor to install it.


Removal and re-installation costs of hard installation

When pipes, equipment, and mechanical components need maintenance, hard insulation may need to be removed and reapplied. This process can cost thousands of dollars over the life span of your equipment.

Removal of hard installation is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. You may need to hire an expensive, qualified insulation specialist to remove and reinstall the insulation.

Occasionally, the insulation is reused. This may save slightly on material cost, but it does not save on the expensive labor. In addition, reused traditional insulation is frequently damaged or degraded during the process, and is less effective. More often, the insulation needs replaced anew, resulting in waste and additional material costs.

Often, these difficulties associated with hard installation are a deterrent altogether to regular maintenance and inspection, indirectly resulting in shortened lifespans of equipment and components. By contrast, our removable insulation covers can be removed and reinstalled easily (usually in 3 to 5 minutes) without the need for an insulation professional, so you can perform maintenance easily.

Hard insulation can waste energy as well

Hard insulation can waste energy via removed insulation pieces that are never replaced and via gaps in the original insulation arrangement.

Often when maintenance personnel need to inspect equipment, they will remove small strips of hard insulation themselves to get the job done. It is not uncommon for the hard insulation to remain un-replaced for long stretches of time. This is something we frequently see with valves, which can heat up to several hundred degrees. We’ve seen mechanical rooms with room temperatures in excess of 120°F as a result of these gaps in hard insulation.

Sometimes there are gaps in the conventional insulation arrangement due to a small component that needs to be regularly accessed. This is a frequent scenario with flanges, as hard insulation is typically made to abut the flange but leaves the flange itself uncovered, resulting in heat loss.

In other instances, there may be gaps in hard insulation when it cannot be applied to irregularly shaped components. For example, one of our clients had a valve bonnet that was exposed for this reason. When we installed an insulation jacket, we reduced the surface temperature by 120°F, saving roughly $450 annually from a single valve.

The gaps commonly found in hard-insulated equipment waste energy in an impactful manner. Thermaxx Jackets’ removable insulation solutions may be the much more efficient alternative.