Insulation Opportunities for Universities

Thermaxx Insulation Opportunities for Universities

Universities are some of the most groundbreaking locations in the world. Young minds are developing new ideas and expanding the frontiers of their fields, and their campus should be keeping up with them.

Thermaxx insulation jackets have sought to bring energy efficiency and smart technology to equipment insulation. We’ve assisted dozens of world-class universities in harnessing the full power of their machinery through affordable insulation solutions that often pay for themselves in energy savings.

How Thermaxx Calculates Heat Loss

Thermaxx wants to transform your university into the epitome of energy efficiency with our state of the art insulation solutions. Before we do that, our team completes a thorough survey of your campus, using our proprietary Slates™ app to identify and map out equipment on your campus that experience the most heat loss and where you’ll see the greatest benefits from our proprietary technology. Our site engineers go through extensive training to do this and use industry-leading software from 3E Plus® to give them the most accurate readings in:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Touch temperature

Energy Efficiency Measures Thermaxx Can Install

Thermaxx uses the measurements from our initial survey to determine the best jacket thickness for every system, letting us offer the most effective university insulation at the lowest cost per square foot. Our range of jacketing options includes materials like pyrogel and vinyl so any operation can find its perfect match.  We’ll work to meet your unique facility needs every time.  Once the jackets are manufactured, our team takes on a project management role, leaving your facilities team with the bandwidth to continue working on their primary job role.

The Thermaxx Difference

Thermaxx leverages technology to stand out against competitors who may offer similar insulation solutions. Once we identify the optimal insulation for your needs, we introduce the smart technology that takes our energy efficiency measures to the next level. Each of our jackets is fitted with Slate™ Smart Tags. Every tag is laser etched with a unique QR code for that component. Through the use of our proprietary app, you’ll be left with an easy to use asset tracking system that is yours to keep.  It comes with your own portal login, making it quick and convenient to manage all of your assets remotely from your computer or smart phone.

We also pride ourselves on offering the highest quality finished product.  Every project comes with a 5-year best in class warrantee, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are making a sound investment in the future of your facility.

Where Would Your University Benefit Most From Insulation Measures?

Though our no-obligation heat loss survey will tell you exactly where your specific campus will benefit most from our innovative insulation designs, a few of the most common places universities experience heat or energy loss include:

  • Non-return valves
  • Gate valves
  • Steam trap assemblies
  • PRVs
  • Boiler doors
  • Deaerator tanks

Many of these parts belong to much larger systems that may need insulation somewhere else along their path, such as:

  • Steam pits and vaults
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Energy plants

Benefits of Enhanced Insulation

Whether you install it around your entire campus or in a few select areas, Thermaxx insulation offers significant benefits through:

  • Cost savings: Insulation jackets will save you money in more ways than one. Our products often pay for themselves within a year through energy savings alone. Some universities that have partnered with Thermaxx reported savings of more than $10,000 a year. Plus, our added protection against accidents and exposure gives your equipment the potential for greater longevity.
  • Energy efficiency: New generations have become increasingly concerned with eco-friendly solutions, and our insulation assistance helps you reduce your carbon footprint and show your commitment to the same. Our Smart Jackets let equipment retain more heat or energy during operations, allowing your machines to serve their purpose while running more efficiently.
  • Safer operations: Campus safety is vital to instill confidence in your student body. Thermaxx insulation solutions prevent accidents around heat-generating machines while maintaining their ease of access. Most companies use permanent wiring measures to keep insulation in place, but we opt for adjustable resources like fabric fasteners, allowing you to access parts immediately and replace the insulation when you’re done without professional help.
  • Sound insulation: Necessary exterior equipment, like compressors and HVAC systems, can create a lot of noise, affecting students and local area residents alike. Our insulation provides an immediate reduction in sound, preventing distractions and disturbances.

The Right Insulation Solution for Your University

Your university is a hub for innovation and learning, and Thermaxx insulation solutions fit perfectly into that model. Our engineers and design team will point out where your systems can be more efficient, and together, we’ll design custom insulation jackets that provide you with myriad benefits. We’ll even give you a detailed breakdown of the insulation cost per square foot for your entire university.

Start down the path to savings and safety today. Schedule a comprehensive, no-obligation heat survey to have our team visit your campus and discover as many places as possible where our insulation blankets will make a difference. From there, you can request a quote or contact us with any questions you have.

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