Removable Insulation Jackets for Pipe Expansion Joints

Pipe Expansion Joints, also known as compensators, are commonly overlooked piping system components through which much heat can be lost. Thermaxx Jackets’ removable insulation blankets can help.

About Pipe Expansion Joints

Pipe expansion joints serve a vital function in many high temperature piping systems. When such piping systems are subjected to extreme and volatile temperatures, the drastic temperature shifts cause expansion when the piping heats up.

Insulating Pipe Expansion Joints

Expansion and the subsequent contraction puts a great deal of stress on pipes and drastically increases the chance of cracking, which can lead to heavy repair and replacement costs and problematic failures. Expansion joints absorb movement, vibration, and – as its name implies – expansion in the system. Because the expansion joint must be flexible, hard stay-in-place insulation is often not a viable option. As a result, expansion joints frequently go completely uninsulated.

Thermaxx Jackets Removable Insulation Jackets for Pipe Expansion Joints

Expansion joints used in high temperature systems can become extremely hot and can account for significant waste of valuable energy. If this is the case in your plant, we urge you to consider removable insulation jackets.

  • The Right Fit: Our pipe expansion joint jackets are part of our standard product line and come in sizes from 2” -12”.  If a different size is required, we can also design a custom product too.
  • Convenient:  These insulation jackets come equipped with velcro and d-rings for your convenience as well as seal flaps to connect the jacket to insulation.  For most applications, our insulation covers can accommodate the necessary movement of the expansion joint. Unlike hard insulation, our insulation covers do not interfere with the expansion joints ability to perform its necessary function – compensating for expansion.  Our insulation covers are designed to be taken off and put back into place easily. Personnel of any skill level can remove and replace the covers in a few short minutes.
  • Cost effective: Our jackets come in a standard thickness of 1″-2″. Expansion joints can get very hot, and much of the heat radiates away from the surface and out of the piping system, resulting in significant energy loss. Our expansion joint insulation covers prevent heat transfer, accommodating temperatures up to 6000F and keep energy where it belongs – in the piping system. If the expansion joint is in a risky location or the potential cost of failure due to accident is extremely high, our insulation covers can protect the internal bellows of the joint from damage or protect the expansion joint from weld splatter.
  • High Quality: We create these insulation jackets with the user and shelf life in mind.  That’s why we back each product with a 5-year warranty.

Got Questions? We’ll be more than happy to help you determine if and which types of insulation jackets are appropriate for your expansion joints and specific application. Contact us today!Contact Us Button