Variety of Sizes

Our removable insulation blankets come in a variety of standard sizes, from 2-inch through 24-inch NPS. We also create custom insulation blankets for equipment, pipes and valves with unique shapes or unusual dimensions.


We employ a variety of closures, including Velcro™, slide lock buckles, drawstring ties, and double D rings. Closures for our standard jackets vary depending on size. For custom jackets, we can use whichever closure type is preferred by the client.

Ease of Use

Our removable insulation blankets are designed for convenience and for use by any maintenance personnel – no special skills are required. Nearly all of our insulation pads can be put into place or removed in 3 to 5 minutes.


OSHA regulations require that steam and hot-water pipes be covered. “All exposed steam and hot-water pipes … shall be covered with an insulating material, or guarded in such manner as to prevent contact.”


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