What Is A Heat Loss Survey?

What is a heat-loss survey? Simply put, a heat-loss survey is the first step in Thermaxx’s insulation process, but beneath the surface of the simplicity lies a wealth of useful information. This no-cost energy analysis is the baseline for all Thermaxx insulation projects and provides our customers with a comprehensive insulation opportunity report. These projects include, but are not limited to, insulation for all steam, condensate, and hot and cold-water components and systems. The information on the report is collected by one of our experienced field technicians during an initial site visit and carefully recorded into our field data processing app.

Our field technicians not only identify potential opportunities for thermal energy savings but will also document and notate individual characteristics unique to each component. This information encompasses specific asset identification, individual locations, accurate pressure and temperature readings and even the hours of operation unique to each piece of equipment. This information plus saving variables such as the cost of steam and boiler efficiency are all evaluated to assist in the saving potential and return on investment for our customers.

A Thermaxx heat-loss report aids our customers in a multitude of ways. Most notably, our detailed survey is a tangible status statement displaying facility wide energy saving opportunities. Yearly dollar and therm savings are also notated and the customers return on investment per each individual asset is clearly stated in terms of months. Thermaxx uses NAIMA’s 3E plus software to verify and calculate the BTU loss on the bare component versus the BTU loss once the component is insulated. This process not only highlights potential savings, but also focuses on areas that may present possible workplace hazards to the engineers working in these areas daily.

Along with promoting energy savings and workplace safety, our heat-loss report is used to help the understanding of how missing insulation can affect day-to-day operations. The transparency of our heat-loss report leaves Thermaxx accountable for all questions and allows our customers to review and understand exactly what has been identified. Each of these qualities of a heat-loss report is a valuable tool in presenting information to decision makers to encourage and endorse funding for insulation.

Along with each of the previously stated benefits, a heat-loss report also acts as a scope of work to be followed throughout each process of a Thermaxx insulation project. From beginning to end, the heat-loss report remains a constant and any additional information is completely adjustable and customizable. The information is clear, concise and presentable to local gas companies to help qualify for facility wide incentive opportunities.

Once a project is completed, the same information collected on the heat-loss report is transferred to our sister company, Slate Pages, which is a user-friendly asset tracking and management system for our customers personal use. This platform allows our customers to view the entire scope of work and track individual assets with ultimate ease. Pre and post install pictures are provided, each jacket is GPS located, and all maintenance records can be stored to individual assets. This makes post-inspections seamless and gives facility managers a completely customizable maintenance journal. 

So, what is a heat-loss? A heat-loss is the backbone to an insulation project and a no-cost energy loss status update.

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