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One of the many ways our removable insulation covers can save you money is by helping extending the lifespans of equipment and machinery, thereby reducing depreciation costs and lower long-term operating expenses.

Mechanical Insulation for Equipment - JMU Condensate Jacket

Longer life for your pipes and equipment!

How our removable insulation can increase equipment lifespans:

Protection from the elements: Outdoor pipes and valves and outdoor equipment face a multitude of environmental threats such as freezing, stress from the weight of snow and ice, and corrosion and water damage from rain and condensation. While you can’t control the weather, you can use insulation covers to control its effects.

Protection from extreme operating temperatures: It’s common in an industrial environment for equipment to frequently face extreme hot or cold. But such extreme temperatures lower lifespans of the equipment producing the heat and the equipment nearby. Constant superheating and cooling is hard on even the toughest machinery and equipment by causing imperceptible expansion and contraction, which will degrade equipment integrity. Our removable insulation can absorb and retain heat to help keep temperatures moderate and help your equipment last longer.

Controlling condensation: Differentials in internal and ambient temperatures result in condensation, or pipe sweating. Condensation can cause corrosion and rusting, mold, and electrical damage. Our insulation solutions can reduce temperature differentials and prevent condensation.

Protection from accidental damage: Accidents happen in the working world, but if you can’t always prevent them, you can still prepare for them. We can offer you added protection from accidental water or heat damage.

Making maintenance and inspection easier: Traditional hard insulation is hard to remove and replace, making inspection and maintenance of equipment more difficult. As you know, if something is difficult, it is less likely to get done. In contrast, our removable insulation can be removed and replaced in just a few minutes, making it easier for you to perform the regular inspections and preventative maintenance necessary to prolong the life spans of your equipment.