Removable Insulation Jackets for Butterfly Valves

Thermaxx Jackets offers removable hot valve insulation jackets for Butterfly Valves to save energy and improve workplace safety!

About Butterfly Valves:

Butterfly valves members of a group of valves called quarter turn valves, which are all controlled manually by turning a handle 90 degrees. Butterfly valves work similarly to ball valves; both valve types have a component inside that prevents flow when the handle is turned to the “off” position. The main difference between the two valves is that the butterfly valve uses a flat, round, metal disk called a butterfly to regulate flow, whereas the analogous component within the ball valve is a spherical disk appropriately known as a ball. One advantage of a butterfly valve is that it can be used for throttling — that is, to regulate rate of flow — in addition to reliably turning flow on and off. Butterfly valves come in many varieties: three main types are resilient (or concentric) butterfly valves, high-performance (also known as doubly eccentric or double-offset) butterfly valves, and triple-eccentric (or triple-offset) butterfly valves. The two most common styles of butterfly valves are the wafer and lug style. Butterfly valves have a wide range of applications, from steam systems to residential hot and cold water pipes to carburetors to offshore pipelines.

Insulating Butterfly Valves

The body of a butterfly valve is almost always made of metal, typically steel. Insulation becomes desirable in high temperature applications like steam systems, since the steel radiates a good deal of valuable heat. Butterfly valves may also need to be insulated if they are used in water pipes that exist in environments where freezing is a risk.

Butterfly valves are not candidates for stay-in-place insulation, however. One reason is that butterfly valves have a handle and odd shape. The second reason is that butterfly valves may require disassembly for inspection and maintenance, which would require some destruction of the hard insulation. For many applications, it is recommended that personnel inspect the seat ring of the valve and inspect for corrosion, especially in susceptible environments and when the material is carbon steel. In addition, regular preventative maintenance such as lubrication and replacement of packing and gasket may be recommended. Inspection and maintenance is particularly important in plants and large scale operations because the failure of one butterfly valve can potentially result in plant shut-down.

Thermaxx Jackets Removable Butterfly Valve Insulation Covers

Thermaxx Jackets produces insulation jackets specifically for butterfly valves. Our standard butterfly valve insulation covers share the following characteristics:

  • The Right Fit: Butterfly valve insulation jackets have an opening for the handle to permit full functionality without sacrificing a tight fit.
  • Convenient: Secure closures on the mating seams (where the two ends of the jacket meet) are made of Velcro, and then backed by D-ring closures for extra strength.  Adjacent Insulation seal flaps, secured with Kevlar® tie cords, are provided on both sides of the butterfly valve jacket to prevent the adjacent insulation from rotating and help ensure a snug fit. Our closure system is designed to be strong but convenient; most untrained personnel can remove and replace the jackets in under five minutes.
  • Cost effective:  Thermaxx Jackets’ standard line of butterfly valve insulation covers are available for class 150 and class 300 valves, in sizes ranging from .5 NPT to 24 inches, with 3 choices of thickness (1/2”, 1”, and 2”) for 3 ranges of temperature applications up to 600°F.  Many Thermaxx butterfly valve jackets can also be custom-made, ensuring that you are paying for exactly what you need.
  • High Quality: As with all Thermaxx insulation jackets, our butterfly valve insulation covers are backed by an industry-leading 5 year guarantee. We stand behind our jackets, because they are painstakingly designed and crafted to remain effective under harsh conditions for the long haul.

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