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Thermaxx remains committed to providing the best insulation services possible. Whether you manage an apartment complex, a multipurpose building, or an office space, we can help you achieve optimal temperature and energy efficiency through our tailored insulation products. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to create a custom insulation solution that will fit your needs exactly, letting you reap the benefits for years to come.

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Where to Place Insulation in Commercial Buildings

There are several factors to consider when deciding where to place insulation in a commercial building. The first step is to identify the areas most susceptible to heat loss. These regions include:

  • Valves and flanges: These junctions where pipes and ducts meet will likely be subject to significant heat loss and corrosion risk. Insulation placed at these locations will reduce energy loss, improve energy efficiency and prolong the life of these components.
  • Boilers and furnaces: Boilers and furnaces are some of the most critical parts of your commercial heating and cooling system. They operate at elevated temperatures, making insulation crucial to reducing burn risks, keeping vessel units hot, and stopping radiant heat loss.
  • Steam and hot water pipes: Place Thermaxx commercial pipe insulation around exposed areas to prevent heat from escaping, drops in water temperature, and reduced pressure in your pipes.
  • HVAC and commercial ducts: The HVAC ductwork responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout the space is another key area where you can make  strides toward lowering your energy costs. Insulation here will contribute to eliminating condensation risks and improving the performance of your equipment.
  • Any other serviceable mechanicals: When you look around your building’s mechanical room, it probably looks like you’re well insulated. However, without removable insulation blankets installed, any item that can’t be insulated using traditional hard pipe insulation is susceptible to heat loss. Thermaxx offers a wide range of custom removable insulation solutions to insulate almost any mechanical component.

The best way to identify where your building could be missing out on potential cost savings is to schedule a heat loss survey.

How Thermaxx Calculates Your Heat Loss

As a business owner or site manager, your time is valuable. Our complimentary heat loss survey is a simple way to reveal the many measures you can implement to save capital and improve your building’s system efficiency.

Our experts will inspect your building at no cost and quantify the returns on investment if you choose to insulate your commercial building using Thermaxx jackets. We will calculate your heat loss by measuring:

  • The cost of steam
  • Current insulation status
  • Ambient room temperature
  • Each system component’s make, model, and size
  • Hours of operation
  • System efficiency

Following our assessment, we’ll give you a fast quote and identify any local utility incentives you qualify for so you can see savings as soon as possible. If you want to estimate how much you can save before your energy assessment, enter your valve size, surface temperatures, and heat loss costs into our easy-to-use Heat Loss Calculator.

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6 Reasons to Update Your Insulation

Thermaxx insulation products allow you to see a return on your investment in under 24 months while boosting your building’s:

  1. Energy efficiency: Insulation helps balance the temperature inside your building so you don’t have to spend as much on heating or cooling it, allowing you to lower energy costs and resource waste. Removable insulation super charges that energy savings, reducing energy waste in places like mechanical rooms.
  2. Save money: With increased energy efficiency will come reduction in utility bills.  You’ll be able to see an instant savings on your overhead costs. Thermaxx will calculate for you your potential cost savings as well as the potential cost of waiting when we conduct a heat loss survey for you.
  3. Appearance: Thermaxx insulation jackets provide a clean, finished look to your piping, ductwork, and other elements, making a positive contribution to your company’s reputation. Thermaxx also offers custom color options for jacketing if aesthetics are an important consideration in your decision making process.
  4. Equipment protection: Insulation helps your equipment last longer and lowers replacement frequency by using water drainage solutions designed to prevent corrosion under insulation and layers that shield components from accidental damage. This is especially true for outdoor components such as rooftop equipment.
  5. Safety: Reduce the risk of burns by covering exposed areas, like pipes and ducts. Your building maintenance team will have a much safer work environment upon installation. You’ll also reduce temperatures in hot spots throughout the building that may be adjacent to mechanical rooms emitting heat due to not being insulated.
  6. Carbon footprint: Insulating your commercial building assists in lowering how much energy it consumes, which means that your site will lessen its demand for fossil fuels as well as its greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your building is developing a an energy efficiency strategy or working to comply with energy emissions legislation, mechanical insulation will give you a great ROI. Thermaxx has extensive knowledge and experience to help your building reduce your carbon emissions.

About Thermaxx

When it comes to commercial building insulation, Thermaxx is your go-to source. We offer turnkey implementation from start to finish, with made-in-America products and on-site management. Plus, our flexible financing options make it easy for you to get your project up and running quickly.

Our products are designed with a combination of Teflon and fiberglass cloth and Pyrogel XT-E aerogel insulation, all of which work together to keep your site’s systems running at peak efficiency. Whether you need UV-resistant Weathermaxx Covers or precise Thermaxx jackets, we can provide what you need to protect your commercial building from moisture damage and temperature fluctuations.

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If you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment and giving your facility what it needs to operate as efficiently as possible, reach out to Thermaxx today. We offer free heat loss surveys and inspections so you can get the most out of every dollar you’ve invested in your commercial building. Schedule your energy audit or contact us to learn more about insulation for commercial buildings today.

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