Insulation for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities require a level of insulation that traditional insulation options do not always meet. Designed specifically with manufacturing plants in mind, Thermaxx’s insulation protects employees and equipment from fire, water, wear, and moisture. Contact our team today to learn how our products can boost savings and efficiency in your facility.

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Manufacturing Components That Often Need Insulation

Insulation plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process. Components that benefit from our insulation jackets and covers include:

  • Natural gas equipment: Ensure operators can safely work on natural gas equipment surfaces, reduce heat loss, and reduce the fire risk with insulation, while still allowing easy access for servicing equipment as needed.
  • Sawdust systems: Avoid crew burns and injuries from exposure to high temperatures by insulating sawdust systems using custom removable insulation blankets, making access for serving simple and easy.
  • Boiler surfaces: Keep boiler surfaces operating at optimal temperatures with Thermaxx insulation to save time and funds while reducing downtime for servicing.
  • Serviceable mechanical components: Increase energy efficiency by insulating piping to prevent heat loss or gain in these areas.
  • Specialized manufacturing equipment: Thermaxx specializes in extremely custom insulation solutions.  If you have a specialized piece of equipment that needs heat or acoustic insulation, Thermaxx has you covered. This includes food grade insulation blankets and clean room equipment.
  • Equipment requiring washdown protection: Often times equipment needs to be covered to avoid damage regular washdowns.  Removable insulation covers can over a convenient dual purpose solution for these valuable pieces of equipment.

How Thermaxx Calculates Heat Loss

How much energy is lost through your facility? The answer to this question can significantly impact your bottom line. To get an estimate of how much you can save with proper insulation, input the valve surface temperature, valve size, and cost of heat loss into our Heat Loss Calculator.

Or, have our experts stop by your facility and perform a complimentary heat loss survey, allowing them to pinpoint areas where you lose energy. From there, we can suggest solutions that will help you save money and improve efficiency. We’ll quantify both short-term and long-term returns on investments, as well as the monthly costs lost if you don’t address this issue now. This detailed report will take into account:

  • Steam cost
  • Operational hours
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Damaged or missing insulation
  • Ambient room temperature
  • Component make, model, and size

The Advantages of Upgrading Insulation

Use Thermaxx insulation jackets to improve your plant’s performance and see benefits such as:

  • Saving on energy costs: Insulation reduces heat loss and increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, which means lower energy costs for your plant and boosted returns on your investment. You’ll be able to see an instant savings on your overhead costs. Thermaxx will calculate for you your potential cost savings as well as the potential cost of waiting when we conduct a heat loss survey for you.
  • Increasing equipment life span: Equipment that runs efficiently will last longer than equipment that has to work harder to maintain a constant temperature, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Minimizing emissions: Insulated equipment uses less power, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment as well as your employees’ health.
  • Protecting employees: Proper insulation serves as a protective barrier between employees and dangerous machinery or equipment, helping to safeguard workers from exposure to extreme temperatures, safeguarding against potential burn hazards.
  • Comply with OSHA regulations: Thermaxx insulation jackets are designed to meet or exceed all applicable OSHA requirements, including limiting noise exposure.

Request a Heat Loss Survey to Find the Right Insulation

Requesting a heat loss survey from Thermaxx is the first step to ensuring your manufacturing business has the proper insulation. With this assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive energy audit that can help you find the best insulation for your manufacturing business. Contact us to learn more about our no-cost or obligation inspections today!

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