Slates: Firestop Labels

Slate™ smart tags use QR codes to make tracking and monitoring your firestop labels a breeze!

Access all of your firestop label data remotely from your phone or laptop!

Slates™ are smart tag stickers that are fixed to your Firestop label or penetration. Every Slate tag contains a unique QR code, and a unique ID number, that you can easily scan using the Slate Pages app, available for iOS and Android. Upon scanning a Slate tag with the Slate Pages app, you will be presented with your firestop’s up-to-date information.

The Slate Pages app empowers you to track and explore any desired information using custom information fields (text, URL, photos, dates, location & more). For example, Slates fixed to firestop penetrations commonly feature the following install and maintenance information fields:

  1. Firestop Number
  2. Building Name
  3. Floor
  4. Room Number
  5. Location Detail 1 (North/South/East/West)
  6. Location Detail 2 (Inside Room/Outside Room)
  7. Location Detail 3 (Wall/Ceiling/Floor)
  8. Fire Rating Hr’s
  9. Firestop System Listing
  10. Manufacture
  11. Product Detail
  12. Install Date
  13. Install Photo 1
  14. Install Photo 2 (optional)
  15. GPS Location (optional)
  16. URL Link for Submittal information
  17. Install Company Information
    1. Company Name
    2. Company Email
    3. Company Phone Number

Your firestop information is also available on a Web Portal! You can manage install remotely or give access to prime contractor and/or engineer for full project install transparency.

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