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Removable insulation making the workplace a safer placeThermaxx Jackets removable insulation solutions can help address workplace safety issues such as wet floors, dangerously high temperature surfaces, the threat of hot steam, and more. We can help you meet OSHA requirements to avoid safety violations and fines. Most importantly, we can help you keep your employees safe.

Below are ways Thermaxx Jackets can improve safety.

Preventing direct contact with high temp surfaces:
OSHA considers exposed heated surfaces to be a hazard if there is potential for injury. The best way to prevent serious burns is to eliminate hot surfaces that people can come in contact with. Our insulation covers can cover dangerously hot equipment that hard insulation can’t cover practically.

Reducing the threat of steam burns:
Employees may be at risk for steam burns from steam pipes and steam traps, especially if they must work near them frequently or perform maintenance on them. OSHA has two relevant standards on pipes you should be aware of if your workplace has such conditions.

1910.261(k)(11) states, “ All exposed steam and hot-water pipes within 7 feet of the floor or working platform or within 15 inches measured horizontally from stairways, ramps, or fixed ladders shall be covered with an insulating material, or guarded in such manner as to prevent contact.”

1910.23(c)(3) states, “All pipes carrying steam or hot water for process or servicing machinery, when exposed to contact and located within seven feet of the floor or working platform shall be covered with a heat-insulating material, or otherwise properly guarded.” Our removable insulation can help you be OSHA compliant, and help keep workers protected from steam injury.

Helping reduce room temps to prevent fatigue:
Hot pipes and equipment can make the surrounding areas very hot. Hot working areas can not only cause discomfort but can also contribute to severe fatigue and even exhaustion and dehydration. Such conditions drastically increase the likelihood of worker error and accidents. Our insulation can absorb equipment and pipe heat to help keep work areas cooler and workers sharper and safer.

Decreasing likelihood of fire:
Where there is extreme heat, there is often the potential for fire. We can help you decrease the likelihood of fire with flame retardant insulation pads to cover high temperature surfaces.

Keep floors dry by reducing condensation:
Wet floors are a leading cause of workplace accidents due to slips and fall. Wet floors can also flag safety violations, and are frequently caused by pipe sweating and condensation. Our insulation covers can address the differentials in internal and ambient temperatures that result in condensation to eliminate dripping, keeping your floors dry and safe.

Decreasing likelihood of catastrophic water damage:
Water from burst pipes or condensation can cause a variety of dangerous situations. Equipment failure or malfunction or even fire can result if water causes severe corrosion or seeps into electrical systems. Insulation blankets can help control condensation and prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Noise reduction:
High-noise environments can make communication and concentration difficult and can be a bane to workplace safety. For this reason, and to prevent hearing loss, OSHA standards address extremely noisey work environments. We can provide acoustic insulation jackets to absorb and drown out noise.