Removable Insulation Jackets for Angle Stop Check Valves

Thermaxx removable insulation blankets for angle stop valves provide easy access to individual portions of a plumbing system for maintenance.

About Angle Stop Check Valves

An angle stop check valve is a shut-off valve used to stop the flow of gases, fluids, or steam from one section of system piping to another. The valve drives a stop either inwards or outwards that shuts-off the flow of gas, fluids or steam in that direction. This provides an easily accessible way to shut off only portions of a plumbing system for maintenance, repairs or other installations.

Insulating Angle Stop Check Valves

The 90-degree bend in angle stop valves, coupled with the shape of the valves themselves, makes angle stop valves difficult to insulate. This becomes especially complex if the rest of a system has already been fitted with insulation. This would cause the angle stop valve to be subject to extra stress from the temperature difference between it and the rest of the insulated system. Off-the-shelf insulation solutions can be a non-starter for these purposes, since they are inflexible by design and don’t incorporate tricky components like angle stop valves.

Thermaxx Angle Stop Check Valve Insulation

Thermaxx has created a removable angle stop check valve insulation jacket that allows for all of the functionality of the valve without sacrificing the energy reduction benefits of insulation systems. Plant operators can benefit greatly from insulating angle stop valves in conjunction with the rest of their piping systems.

  • The Right Fit: Angle stop valve insulation comes in standard sizes ranging from 4″-12″.  Depending upon the need, however, Thermaxx may be able to custom make jackets.
  • Convenient: Thermaxx angle stop valve insulation jackets use velcro straps and d-ring closures, making them easy to put onto or take off of insulation in a matter of minutes. Seal flaps are also used to connect the removable jacket to the adjacent insulation.  Also beneficial is the fact that these jackets can accommodate temperatures of up to 600F.
  • Cost effective: By ensuring more uniform insulation on each part of a plant steam, gas, or fluid system, manufacturers and systems operators can benefit from energy efficiency and a guaranteed return on investment. Thermaxx removable insulation for angle stop valves, which usually has a thickness of 1” and 2”, pays for itself by virtue of savings earned off of the cost of running and maintaining an insulated system versus a non-insulated one.
  • High Quality: Our jackets are made to fit your needs and are created with superior precision.  To back this up, our jackets carry with them 5-year warranties.

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