Choosing The Right Insulation For Your Application: A New York Project Case Study

Jul 02 2020

Recently we were asked to perform a survey for a large property management firm in New York City. This had not been the first time we provided this company with insulation surveys and we hoped that we would be awarded the project. Even though we were able to show the client the benefits of using traditional fiberglass on straight runs of pipe and custom jackets on serviceable components, we did not “win” the job. So I asked my contact to address the objection to our quote and recommended solution. I was told that this is an issue with the onsite engineers. “They don’t believe jackets are worth it!”

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Thermaxx Offers “Turn-Key” Full-Service Insulation Solutions

Jul 01 2020

Did you know that when we perform our insulation survey, we take every type of insulation needed into consideration? Thermaxx provides solutions for all your insulation needs. If you are looking for a way to make a big impact quickly in your facility, consider the pipe insulation condition in your mechanical rooms and heating plant. Often we are asked, should this be replaced? YES!

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Industrial Pipe Insulation

Jun 25 2020
Removable Steam Pipe Insulation

Industrial pipes, or process piping, is typically used to transport water, steam, and other gases & liquids of varying temperatures. The term “process piping” generally refers to the system of pipes that transport process fluids (e.g., air, steam, water, industrial gases, fuels, chemicals) around an industrial facility to be converted into a usable product. Industrial pipes also include plumbing systems that carry liquids and gases used for heating and cooling processes, or pipework that leads to plumbing fixtures or waste-water systems. These industrial pipes are generally made of steel, cast iron, copper, or specialty metals in certain highly aggressive environments. Read more.

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Get Insulation Blankets In Washington State

Jun 23 2020

Do you know what the Clean Buildings Act is? Are you a commercial building > 50K Gbsf? Is your building in the state of Washington? Then time is a ticking! It will be a mandatory law by 2026 to get your building HEALTHY. Let me help you with a simple: 1 – 2 – 3: Audit, manufacture, install.

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Lions Clubs District 23-C Volunteers To Sew & Deliver Thermaxx Gowns

May 27 2020

As Mary Krogh was reaching out to hospital and nursing homes to assess their needs and acquire hard to find items, she heard about West Haven-based removable insulation manufacturer Thermaxx putting aside its regular business to design, cut, and sew Thermaxx Gowns for first responders, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare professionals in need. Mary contacted Brian Bannon, President of Thermaxx, to see how her Lions Club district could help.

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Thermaxx Donates 250 “Clean Slate Pledge” Products To Reopen CT

May 09 2020

Thermaxx has been very active in the fight against COVID-19. Our efforts began by organizing the design, assembly, and delivery of Thermaxx Gowns to help first responders and medical professionals across CT & beyond who were unable to acquire PPE due to shortages. Now, Thermaxx is continuing the fight by donating 250 “Clean Slate Pledge” placards to businesses that are choosing to reopen in CT (approx $10,000 value)!

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Hospital Insulation Blankets: A Case Study

Apr 30 2020

Located in Washington D.C. is a non-profit hospital licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health and Human Services. The hospital specializes in surgery, orthopedics, and oncology services. The hospital’s energy management team is responsible for the utility spend and construction projects for the hospital, while driving energy saving projects in an effort to reduce operating costs.

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What Is Heat Loss?

Apr 30 2020

Heat loss is a measure of the total transfer of heat through the fabric of a building from inside to the outside, either from conduction, convection, radiation, or any combination of the these. This heat loss figure is normally given in either kilowatts (kW) or British Thermal Units (BTUs) and represents the energy required to keep a room at a given temperature on the coldest days.

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Thermaxx & Utility Companies Perform Remote Inspections For Insulation Projects Nationwide

Apr 30 2020

We have tied our data collection tool directly to Salesforce and have the ability to generate an insulation survey within 24 hours of walking through a property. Going into this new phase of remote working, we luckily had a backlog of many jobs we surveyed. A lot of our projects are incentive eligible and require much more attention beyond the typical procurement process. Most utility incentive programs require a pre & post inspection.  When we perform a site walk through, we are documenting all the required data for the incentive engineering review with our app, including photographs of each “asset.”

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What Is A Heat Loss Survey?

Apr 23 2020

What is a heat-loss survey? Simply put, a heat-loss survey is the first step in Thermaxx’s insulation process, but beneath the surface of the simplicity lies a wealth of useful information. This no-cost energy analysis is the baseline for all Thermaxx insulation projects and provides our customers with a comprehensive insulation opportunity report. These projects include, but are not limited to, insulation for all steam, condensate, and hot and cold-water components and systems. The information on the report is collected by one of our experienced field technicians during an initial site visit and carefully recorded into our field data processing app.

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