Slate™ Smart Tags are the Latest Asset Tagging & Management Solution!

Track & manage your assets with QR code tags & your smartphone

Purple Slate Tags on RingSlates™ are customized anodized aluminum smart tags that are fixed to your steam trap or any desired component. Every Slate tag is laser etched with a unique QR code, and a unique ID number, that you can easily scan using the Slate Pages app, available for iOS. Upon scanning a Slate tag with the Slate Pages app, you will be presented with your steam trap’s up-to-date information.

Whether you’re tagging an asset for the first time or upgrading from a messy homemade spreadsheet system, Slates are the easiest and most cost effective asset tagging solution for everyone. Imagine having all of this relevant information linked directly to each of your assets and available in one convenient place. Your asset’s information can be displayed in any order, allowing you to choose what information is most important & relevant.

Your asset information is also available on a Web Portal!

Get an overview of all of your industrial components in an instant by tagging your entire facility with Slates. Sort your assets by any field such as last inspection date, manufacturer/model, or component name for easier decision making.

Falied Steam Trap List

For those facility managers with a large campus, with a number of buildings, Slates allow you to capture a GPS coordinate and gives you the ability to sort and color your failed traps in a map view. (red=failed / green=good)Map of Failed Steam Traps

The Slate Pages app was designed to make information about your steam traps more easily accessible. Your team can access, view, & edit any information with the proper user permissions, set by the account owner.

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