Installing a removable insulation blanket designed by Thermaxx Jackets provides you with these incredible cost saving benefits…

1. Reducing Energy Costs
Many of our insulation blankets can pay for themselves in less than a year!

2. Enable Periodic Maintenance
Removable insulation allows you to easily conduct periodic inspections and maintenance of equipment and identify and remedy equipment problems and inefficiencies, and maintain cost-efficient operations.

3. Prevent Waste and Excess Cost of Hard Insulation
With a removable insulation blanket, you can remove the insulation whenever necessary, then easily reinstall it yourself!

4. Extend the Life of Equipment & Machinery
Insulation covers help protect expensive equipment by reducing exposure to the elements and shielding it from accidental damage.

5. Improve Workplace Safety
Removable insulation covers can prevent direct contact with high-temperature pipes and equipment for greater workplace safety.

1. Reducing Energy Costs

Choose Thermaxx Jackets Removable Insulation Jackets to Improve Energy Efficiency & Reduce Costs!

Perhaps the most important benefit of installing removable insulation is the tremendous energy savings. Keep heat in your heating system where it belongs with Thermaxx Hot Jackets. Unoccupied steam pits, utility tunnels and basements don’t require the same heating as your work space, yet without insulation on your pipes and valves much of your expensive heat is leaking into these places. “Cost Avoidance” is the new fortune 500 buzz word. Install removable insulation on your steam components to avoid paying for the cost to heat it!

A Steam Trap Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

A Steam Trap Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Don’t allow heat to radiate away needlessly from your equipment! Steam valves, PRV stations, steam traps, flanges, expansion joints, and heat exchangers are just some components we regularly insulate. There are countless opportunities to save money with removable insulation covers.

Keep your cold pipes cold with Thermaxx Cold Insulation Jackets. Warm ambient room temperatures require you to use more energy to keep water cold in pipes, but you can reduce the energy need by covering chilled pipes in removable insulation.

Often, the savings our customers enjoy are substantial. It is not uncommon for our removable insulation blankets to pay for themselves in just one year! In one case, we saved a client over $10,000 a year by installing removable insulation in a single mechanical room. The payback period was a mere 6 months to generate positive return-on-investment. In another case, a client saved 500 BTUs per hour and over $450 a year from one insulation blanket on a single gate valve bonnet! We have countless stories just like these.

Removable, reusable insulation blankets are as good for the environment as they are for your bottom line. Our insulation covers prevent the unnecessary waste of discarded hard insulation. In addition, our insulation covers reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy savings. In some instances, our insulation solutions have become a vital component of Energy Savings Performance Contracts.

Learn how much energy your organization can save by using our heat loss calculator.

And energy savings aren’t the only way Thermaxx can save you money. Our removable insulation covers enable more cost-efficient inspections and maintenance than hard insulation, help extend the lifespans of your equipment, and can help decrease liabilities by improving workplace safety.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Thermaxx Jackets free for 30 Days!

2. Enable Periodic Maintenance

Unlike traditional hard insulation, Thermaxx Jackets removable insulation allows you to easily perform inspections and maintenance of valves, pipes, and equipment.

An Expansion Joint Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

An Expansion Joint Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Easy Maintenance with Removable Thermaxx Insulation Jackets!
There are many insulatable components that require regular maintenance, such as steam traps, valves, flanges, or wide steam piping. Inspection and maintenance are critical to identify and resolve issues with safety, energy waste, and equipment degradation. We all know how failure to inspect and maintain equipment and components can result in huge problems such as heavy corrosion, leaks, costly emergency repairs, production halts, OSHA violations, or accidents.

The Problem with Performing Maintenance with Hard Insulation

Traditional rigid insulation often needs removed during inspection and maintenance, and this can be a time consuming process. In addition, hard insulation is frequently damaged during removal. When removed hard insulation is reapplied, it is commonly less effective. Typically, reapplying the insulation is impractical and the hard insulation needs replaced anew – resulting in additional costs. Often, reapplying or replacing hard insulation is forgone completely, leaving the pipe or equipment exposed. Due to these difficulties, hard insulation often discourages frequent inspection and routine maintenance.

Removable Insulation Makes Maintenance Easy

With Thermaxx Jackets removable insulation solutions, you can have all the benefits of hard insulation without the difficulties performing maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Our removable insulation is specifically designed to be removed and reapplied as easily as possible. Nearly all of our covers and blankets can be removed or put into place in 3 to 5 minutes. This makes it easier to identify and remedy equipment problems and inefficiencies, so you can maintain safe, cost-efficient operations.

3. Prevent Waste & Excess Cost of Hard Insulation

With a removable Thermaxx Jacket, you can remove the insulation whenever necessary and easily reinstall it. Hard insulation can contribute to waste and additional costs through removal and re-installation costs and gaps in insulation. 

Removal and Re-Installation Costs of Hard Insulation

When pipes, equipment, and mechanical components need maintenance, hard insulation may need to be removed and reapplied. This process can cost thousands of dollars over the life span of your equipment.

Removal of hard installation is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. You may need to hire an expensive, qualified insulation specialist to remove and reinstall the insulation.

Occasionally, the insulation is reused. This may save slightly on material cost, but it does not save on the expensive labor. In addition, reused traditional insulation is frequently damaged or degraded during the process, and is less effective. More often, the insulation needs replaced anew, resulting in waste and additional material costs.

Often, these difficulties associated with hard installation are a deterrent altogether to regular maintenance and inspection, indirectly resulting in shortened lifespans of equipment and components. By contrast, our removable insulation covers can be removed and reinstalled easily (usually in 3 to 5 minutes) without the need for an insulation professional, so you can perform maintenance easily.

Hard insulation can waste energy as well

Hard insulation can waste energy via removed insulation pieces that are never replaced and via gaps in the original insulation arrangement.

Flange Union Before

Often when maintenance personnel need to inspect equipment, they will remove small strips of hard insulation themselves to get the job done. It is not uncommon for the hard insulation to remain un-replaced for long stretches of time. This is something we frequently see with valves, which can heat up to several hundred degrees. We’ve seen mechanical rooms with room temperatures in excess of 120°F as a result of these gaps in hard insulation.

Sometimes there are gaps in the conventional insulation arrangement due to a small component that needs to be regularly accessed. This is a frequent scenario with flanges, as hard insulation is typically made to abut the flange but leaves the flange itself uncovered, resulting in heat loss.

In other instances, there may be gaps in hard insulation when it cannot be applied to irregularly shaped components. For example, one of our clients had a valve bonnet that was exposed for this reason. When we installed an insulation jacket, we reduced the surface temperature by 120°F, saving roughly $450 annually from a single valve.

The gaps commonly found in hard-insulated equipment waste energy in an impactful manner. Thermaxx Jackets’ removable insulation solutions may be the much more efficient alternative.

4. Extend the Life of Equipment & Machinery

One of the many ways our removable insulation covers can save you money is by helping extending the lifespans of equipment and machinery, thereby reducing depreciation costs and lower long-term operating expenses.

How our removable insulation can increase equipment lifespans:

Protection from the elements: Outdoor pipes, valves, and equipment face a multitude of environmental threats such as freezing, stress from the weight of snow and ice, and corrosion and water damage from rain and condensation. While you can’t control the weather, you can use insulation covers to control its effects.

WeatherMaxx Cover on an outdoor actuator

WeatherMaxx Cover on an outdoor actuator

Protection from extreme operating temperatures: It’s common in an industrial environment for equipment to frequently face extreme hot or cold temperatures. These extreme temperatures lower lifespans of the equipment producing the heat and the equipment nearby. Constant super heating and cooling is hard on even the toughest machinery and equipment by causing imperceptible expansion and contraction, which will degrade equipment integrity. Our removable insulation can absorb and retain heat to help keep temperatures moderate and help your equipment last longer.

Controlling condensation: Differentials in internal and ambient temperatures result in condensation, or pipe sweating. Condensation can cause corrosion and rusting, mold, and electrical damage (CUI). Our insulation solutions can reduce temperature differentials and prevent condensation.

Protection from accidental damage: Accidents happen in the working world, but if you can’t always prevent them, you can still prepare for them. We can offer you added protection from accidental water, heat, or equipment damage.

Making maintenance & inspection easier: Traditional hard insulation is hard to remove and replace, making the inspection and maintenance of the equipment underneath more difficult. As you know, if something is difficult, it is less likely to get done! In contrast, our removable insulation can be removed and replaced in just a few minutes, making it easier for you to perform the regular inspections and preventative maintenance necessary to prolong the life spans of your equipment.

5. Improve Workplace Safety

Thermaxx Jackets removable insulation solutions can help address workplace safety issues such as wet floors, dangerously high temperature surfaces, the threat of hot steam, and more. We can help you meet OSHA requirements to avoid safety violations and fines. Most importantly, we can help you keep your employees safe.

Sound Attenuation Insulation BLanket

A Noise Insulation Jacket by ThermaXX

Below are ways Thermaxx Jackets can improve workplace safety:

Prevent direct contact with high temp surfaces- OSHA considers exposed heated surfaces to be a hazard if there is potential for injury. The best way to prevent serious burns is to eliminate hot surfaces that people can come in contact with. Our insulation covers can cover dangerously hot equipment that hard insulation can’t cover practically.

Reduce the threat of steam burns- Employees may be at risk for steam burns from steam pipes and steam traps, especially if they must work near them frequently or perform maintenance on them. OSHA has two relevant standards on pipes you should be aware of if your workplace has such conditions.

OSHA standard 1910.261(k)(11) states, “ All exposed steam and hot-water pipes within 7 feet of the floor or working platform or within 15 inches measured horizontally from stairways, ramps, or fixed ladders shall be covered with an insulating material, or guarded in such manner as to prevent contact.”

OSA standard 1910.23(c)(3) states, “All pipes carrying steam or hot water for process or servicing machinery, when exposed to contact and located within seven feet of the floor or working platform shall be covered with a heat-insulating material, or otherwise properly guarded.” Our removable insulation can help you be OSHA compliant, and help keep workers protected from steam injury.

Reduce work room temperatures to prevent employee fatigue- Hot pipes and equipment can make the surrounding areas very hot. Hot working areas can not only cause discomfort but can also contribute to severe fatigue and even exhaustion and dehydration. Such conditions drastically increase the likelihood of worker error and accidents. Our insulation can absorb equipment and pipe heat to help keep work areas cooler and workers sharper and safer.

Decrease likelihood of fire- Where there is extreme heat, there is often the potential for fire. We can help you decrease the likelihood of fire with flame retardant insulation pads to cover high temperature surfaces.

Keep floors dry by reducing condensation- Wet floors are a leading cause of workplace accidents due to slips and fall. Wet floors can also flag safety violations, and are frequently caused by pipe sweating and condensation. Our insulation covers can address the differentials in internal and ambient temperatures that result in condensation to eliminate dripping, keeping your floors dry and safe.

Decrease likelihood of catastrophic water damage- Water from burst pipes or condensation can cause a variety of dangerous situations. Equipment failure or malfunction or even fire can result if water causes severe corrosion or seeps into electrical systems. Insulation blankets can help control condensation and prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Reduce noise in work space- High-noise environments can make communication and concentration difficult and can be a bane to workplace safety. For this reason, and to prevent hearing loss, OSHA standards address extremely noisy work environments. We can provide acoustic insulation jackets to absorb and drown out noise. Calculate your OSHA Employee Permissible Exposure Limit for Noise here.

After image of a Thermaxx insulation project in a mechanical room
Before/After of a Thermaxx insulation project in a mechanical room.