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Installing a removable Thermaxx Jacket has the following cost saving benefits:

Reducing Energy Costs

Reduce energy costs with removable insulationInsulating previously exposed pipes, valves and equipment prevents unnecessary heat loss and reduces energy costs. Our R3 Blankets can often pay for themselves in less than a year.

Enable Periodic Maintenance

Removable Insulation Enables Periodic MaintenanceRemovable insulation allows you to easily conduct periodic inspections and maintenance of equipment and identify and remedy equipment problems and inefficiencies, and maintain cost-efficient operations.

Prevent Waste and Excess Cost of Hard Insulation

Removable insulation has less waste and cost than hard insulationWith a removable insulation blanket, you can remove the insulation whenever necessary, then put it back into place – just “Wrap & Strap.” No need to re-purchase hard installation and pay a contractor to install it.

Extend the Life of Equipment & Machinery

Removable Insulation Extends Equipment LifespansInsulation covers help protect expensive equipment by reducing exposure to the elements and shielding it from accidental damage. This can extend the longevity of equipment, impede depreciation costs and lower long-term operating expenses.

Improve Workplace Safety

Removable Insulation can improve workplace safetyRemovable insulation covers can prevent direct contact with high-temperature pipes and equipment for greater workplace safety. Prevents loss of employee productivity, and helps avoid fines associated with OSHA safety violations.

Cost Savings » Think Green!

Choose Reusable Insulation Pads for Energy Efficiency

Removable, reusable insulation covers are not just for cost savings – they’re also good for the environment:

  • Reduce consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Prevent unnecessary waste of discarded hard insulation
  • Allow hassle-free inspection and maintenance of equipment to prevent needless inefficiencies

We can reduce your energy cost and make it a good business decision with a payback that you can measure in months, not years. Whether it’s an exposed steam fitting or a chemical line, it takes a lot of energy to maintain media temperature. That amount of energy can be reduced by focusing your efforts on efficient energy utilization.