OEM Insulation Blankets

OEM Insulation Blankets By Thermaxx

No OEM component too complicated! Thermaxx serves YOUR industry with insulation blanket solutions for OEM applications.

What Are OEMs?

According to ISM, “OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and most often, OEMs purchase parts from other manufacturers or suppliers and use them to assemble their finished products. OEMs also make parts and sub-assemblies that are resold to other companies who assemble them into their own finished products.

The acronym OEM has come to be associated with product engineering and manufacturing, sub-assembly manufacturing (especially automotive and electronics) and even component manufacturing.”

Bare Pump Skid

An excellent example of an OEM component Thermaxx insulates is a pump skid (above). Pump skids are a combination of multiple components including pumps and drivers that are mounted onto a shared base plate. Other examples include insulating components & exhausts on aerospace and marine applications, or HVAC equipment like backflow preventers and boilers.

Why Install Insulation Blankets On OEM Applications?

Insulation blankets, like Thermaxx Jackets, have many benefits when installed on industrial OEM components and equipment. Starting with energy efficiency, our insulation blankets are designed to fit YOUR component (taking into consideration all of its unique requirements and surrounding components) using all photos and measurements necessary. Learn more about our custom insulation blankets.

The thermal insulating properties of the materials that are hand-sewn together in our insulation blanket manufacturing facility in West Haven, CT prevent heat from radiating away from your component into the ambient air. This saves the user dollars and therms on their utility bills, and reduces GHG emissions. The same properties are used to benefit cold components that may cause condensation, preventing the ambient air from coming into contact with the surface temperature of the component. Noisy OEM components that are fitted with insulation blankets are also drastically quieted, providing a more comfortable and safe working environment.

a Fracking Excavation Vehicle used to remove soil around broken water mains

A flexible hose antifreeze jacket applied to an OEM fracking excavation vehicle used to remove soil around broken water mains.

Thermaxx insulation blankets for OEM applications are also serviceable. This means they usually can be temporarily removed (when necessary) to conduct inspections or maintenance and then reinstalled when finished. Traditional stay-in-place fiberglass insulation must be damaged or removed entirely to conduct inspections and maintenance, costing you money every month until you replace the insulation.

How To Get Thermaxx Jackets For Your OEM Component

Thermaxx has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and installing insulation blankets on custom OEM applications across the USA. Our diverse team of industry experts bring you the best OEM insulation solutions with every jacket backed by a 5-year product guarantee.

To get a quote from Thermaxx Jackets, please contact us with as much detail as possible and one of our insulation experts will assist you ASAP! Be sure to mention “OEM”…

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