Utility Insulation for Municipalities

A significant part of your municipality’s job is providing efficient, continuous utility access to the people in your service area. Though people may not notice the hard work you do to make these utilities available, they certainly notice when they aren’t working as expected, whether that means an excess of sound pollution or an increase in their bills due to system inefficiencies.

Thermaxx is your solution for any concern that can be solved with insulation, including energy, sound, and cost management. Our custom Smart Jackets help you standardize and maintain these vital systems so you can better serve everyone who trusts you to deliver the best.

Thermaxx’s Heat Calculation Formula

When you choose to bring us on board to make your systems more efficient, we want to do the job right. That starts with a comprehensive heat loss survey, allowing us to gauge where you’re losing the most heat or energy and where our jackets can offer the most benefit. Using our expertise and assistive software from 3E Plus®, we secure accurate measurements for:

  • Touch temperature
  • Ambient temperature

Once we calculate how much heat you’re losing, we can develop the ideal insulation solution to merge affordability with efficiency.

Insulation for City Utilities

Once we calculate your heat loss and determine the best places to improve, we’ll fit your equipment with custom heat jackets. We’ve created designs for thousands of equipment types and models, so the perfect fit is likely ready and waiting in our inventory. These jackets come equipped with wireless Smart Sensors that usher in a new era of efficiency tracking.

Our Smart Sensors capture new readings every half hour, giving you real-time information on your system’s:

  • Incoming temperature: How hot your materials are when they enter the equipment.
  • Outgoing temperature: The temperature at which your materials leave the system.
  • Touch temperature: Touch temperature refers to how hot the jacket’s surface is. If someone were to touch the equipment or even brush by it when they walk past, a high touch temperature could result in burns or other liability concerns.
  • Ambient temperature: The level of heat your system emits 12 inches away from the actual machine. As staff and technicians pass by this equipment, this is how much heat they will feel, so it’s crucial that this temperature stays regulated.

Should these sensors detect an abnormality in data or something that requires your immediate attention, they can notify you through email or text. The system also creates monthly reports, which you can access in the connected online portal.

When you need to examine something up close or change your system settings, our adjustable jackets allow you to reach your equipment with ease and replace the jacket when you’re done without professional intervention, saving you in downtime and maintenance costs.

The Top Areas of Insulation Opportunity in City and Town Buildings

When you play host to a range of operations and utility needs, you need versatile solutions. Thermaxx has worked with municipalities to provide insulation solutions for water and waste facilities, municipal buildings, and district steam, just to name a few. Our engineers also have significant experience in developing the right fits for equipment like:

  • Water pipes
  • HVAC systems
  • Boilers
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Energy equipment
  • Valves
  • Steam trap assemblies
  • PRVs

Benefits of Municipality Insulation

From electrical centers to water pipes, nearly every building in your municipality can benefit from enhanced insulation measures in at least one of these areas:

  • Safety: Protect everyone involved in these vital operations by covering your most temperature-extreme equipment with an insulation buffer. While its primary goal is to seal heat in, it also keeps unsuspecting hands out of harm’s way. When the time comes that you need to perform upkeep or preventive maintenance, you can move our jackets out of the way easily and return them to their original position without damage or the need for professional assistance.
  • Efficiency: Losing less heat or energy from the start to the end of your processes means you can use less energy overall and still achieve the same or better results. When your systems work more efficiently, they last longer and reduce your entire municipality’s carbon footprint.
  • Cost: More efficient processes are cheaper in the long run, putting more money in your pocket to provide other services to your people.
  • Noise reduction: Watch your municipality’s noise complaint instances reduce dramatically when you employ Thermaxx to install insulation jackets designed to dampen sound.
  • Protect Outdoor Equipment: You can also rest assured that you will be preventing freezing of expensive serviceable equipment, avoiding frustrating stoppages from winter weather, with Thermaxx’s removable and reusable insulation blankets designed to meet your specific use case.

Get the Most out of Your Insulation

When you work for your local municipality, every part of your job is focused on giving the people in your area a better place to live. Investing in efficiency, safety, and atmosphere with Thermaxx is one way you can get started today. Contact our team to discuss your no-obligation site inspection or request a quote for your equipment now.

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