Removable Insulation Covers for Pipe Reducers

Reduce your facility’s energy bill by insulating your reducers with Thermaxx Jackets.

About Pipe Reducers

Pipe reducers are a component which joins two pipes of different diameters, allowing a medium to flow from a wider pipe to a narrower pipe. Pipe reducers may also be known as reducer couplings or simply as reducers and should not be confused with pressure reducers, which physically adjust pressure. Pipe reducers are used in a variety of applications from single family residential plumbing fittings to large steam heating systems where main steam lines change size.

Insulating Pipe Reducers

Reducers used in many industrial applications and in the heating systems of large facilities often must accommodate pipes of large diameters. Large, conductive, metal pipe reducers can have a very large overall surface area from which significant amounts of heat can escape. Large reducers, such as the reducer pictured above, often have irregular shaping and/or large nuts and bolts that makes the application of traditional insulation either extremely time consuming or outright unrealistic. In addition, reducers that are not attached by weld or solder may be removed on occasion in order to inspect pipes; this makes stay-in-place insulation even less desirable.

Thermaxx Removable Pipe Reducer Insulation

At Thermaxx, we design removable and replaceable insulation covers for even the trickiest reducers. Many reducers are bolted to another component such as a gate valve or wye-strainer. We can tailor the design specifically to your needs and your reducers’ size, companion component, shape, and temperature.

  • The Right Fit: We will provide a tight fit to eliminate as much wasted heat as possible in the most cost-effective way. Customized reducers are available to meet individual needs.
  • Convenient: We design our insulation for ease of use, so that the jackets or blankets can be removed and replaced by any personnel in a matter of minutes.
  • Cost effective: Our customization options for reducer insulation give you the best value, as you will receive the right size the first time around!
  • High Quality: We stand behind out pipe reducer insulation products with excellent customer service.  Furthermore, we guarantee our insulation jackets with a 5 year warranty.

Got questions? We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our reducer insulation solutions or any of our many other Thermaxx Jacket solutions for your facility. Contact us for more information!
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