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Reduce Your Energy Costs with Removable Insulation

Perhaps the most important benefit of installing removable insulation is the tremendous energy savings.
Keep heat in your heating system where it belongs. Steam pits, utility tunnels and basements don’t require the same heating as your actual workspace, yet without insulation on your pipes and valves much of your expensive heat is going to these places. “Cost Avoidance” is the new fortune 500 buzz word. Similar to wasting heat in spaces that don’t require it, you should install removable insulation on your steam components and avoid paying for the cost to heat it!

Keep your cold pipes cold. Warmer ambient room temperatures make you use more energy to keep water cold in pipes, but you can reduce the energy need by covering chilled pipes in removable insulation.

Don’t allow heat to radiate away needlessly from your equipment, either. Whether it be steam valves, prv stations, steam traps, flanges, expansion joints, heat exchangers, or any of the many other components we can put removable insulation on – there are countless opportunities to save money with removable insulation covers.

Often, the savings are quite dramatic. It is not uncommon for our removable insulation blankets to pay for itself in a year. In one case, we saved a client over $10,000 a year from installing removable insulation in a single mechanical room. The payback period was a mere 6 months to generate positive return-on-investment. In another case, a client saved 500 BTUs per hour and over $450 a year from one insulation blanket on a single gate valve bonnet.

Removable, reusable insulation covers are as good for the environment as they are for your bottom line. Our insulation covers prevent the unnecessary waste of discarded hard insulation. In addition, our insulation covers reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy savings. In some instances, our insulation solutions have become a vital component of Energy Savings Performance Contracts.

Learn how much energy your organization can save by using our heat loss calculator.

And energy savings aren’t the only way Thermaxx can save you money. Our removable insulation covers enable more cost-efficient inspection and maintenance than hard insulation, help extend the lifespans of your equipment, and can help decrease liabilities by improving workplace safety.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Thermaxx challenge and inquire about your Free Trial today!