Slate™ Smart Steam Trap Tags is the Best Way to Tag Your Steam Traps Cost-Effectively!

Access all data for every steam trap at your facility from your phone or computer

Slates™ are customized anodized aluminum smart tags that are fixed to any desired component. Every Slate tag is laser etched with a unique QR code, and a unique ID number, that you can easily scan using the Slate Pages app, available for iOS. Upon scanning a Slate tag with the Slate Pages app, you will be presented with your steam trap’s up-to-date information.

The Slate Pages app empowers you to track and explore any desired information using custom information fields (text, URL, photos, dates, location & more). For example, Slates fixed to steam traps commonly feature the following maintenance information fields:

  • Component Name (e.g. Steam Trap #12)
  • Component Manufacturer/Model (e.g. Armstrong Series 811)
  • Photo of Component
  • Map/Location of Component
  • Date of Last Inspection/Service
  • Copy of Operating Manual
  • Purchase or Install Date
  • Warranty Expiration Date
  • Maintenance Journal

Smart TagWhether you’re tagging your steam traps for the first time or upgrading from a messy homemade spreadsheet system, Slates are the easiest and most cost effective asset tagging solution for everyone. Imagine having all of this relevant information linked directly to each of your assets and available in one convenient place. Your asset’s information can be displayed in any order, allowing you to choose what information is most important & relevant.

Your trap information is also available on a Web Portal! You can learn more about our Slates Asset Track App on our main product page.

To learn more about Slates Steam Trap Tags, watch the video below!

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