Insulation for Hospitals and the Healthcare Industry

When people rely on you to take care of them, you have to be at the top of your game every single day. In any sort of healthcare setting, your staff has to be ready to handle anything that comes to them. When your people need to be prepared, so does your facility — that’s where Thermaxx can help.

Thermaxx specializes in custom insulation jackets for heavy equipment and its connective supports, like pipes and valves. Our hot jackets will redefine your facility’s safety and efficiency standards, allowing your teams to work smarter and deliver better results.

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How Thermaxx Calculates Your Heat Loss

The first step in our insulation process is to calculate how much heat or energy your existing systems use and lose at connection points. These are the areas most vulnerable to temperature loss, and our evaluation can show you where your money is going and offer solutions to help you keep more of it.

Thermaxx’s experienced engineers work in tandem with the 3E Plus® software. This proprietary technology allows us to accurately measure:

  • Touch temperature
  • Ambient temperature

Using this information, 3E Plus helps us determine the perfect insulation thickness for maximum protection at the most affordable cost.

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Thermaxx’s Energy Efficiency Measures

Thermaxx uses the measurements from our initial survey to determine the best jacket thickness for every system, letting us offer the most effective university insulation at the lowest cost per square foot. Our range of jacketing options includes materials like pyrogel and vinyl so any operation can find its perfect match.  We’ll work to meet your unique facility needs every time.  Once the jackets are manufactured, our team takes on a project management role, leaving your facilities team with the bandwidth to continue working on their primary job role.

Thermaxx’s insulation measures are more than a simple case of extra padding. We’ve developed Smart Sensor technology that takes energy efficiency and close equipment monitoring to a new level.

Our hot jackets are Smart Jackets connected to a thermodynamic sensor that allows you to note everything about your machinery with a quick scan. These Smart Sensors are constantly taking readings of temperatures and other relevant data. The moment there’s an outlier or anomaly based on your set parameters, the wireless notification system lets you know through text or email.

The Thermaxx Difference

Thermaxx leverages technology to stand out against competitors who may offer similar insulation solutions. Once we identify the optimal insulation for your needs, we introduce the smart technology that takes our energy efficiency measures to the next level. Each of our jackets is fitted with Slate™ Smart Tags. Every tag is laser etched with a unique QR code for that component. Through the use of our proprietary app, you’ll be left with an easy to use asset tracking system that is yours to keep.  It comes with your own portal login, making it quick and convenient to manage all of your assets remotely from your computer or smart phone.

We also pride ourselves on offering the highest quality finished product.  Every project comes with a 5-year best in class warrantee, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are making a sound investment in the future of your facility.

Opportunities for Healthcare Facility Insulation

One of the most common uses for our custom insulation covers in hospitals is for serviceable components in mechanical rooms, such as gate valves. Unlike pipes, these components can’t be insulated using traditional hard pipe insulation.  Instead, they need to be easily accessible, which i where a removable and reusable insulation solution becomes a great option. When you request one of our heat surveys, we’ll show you everywhere your facility can benefit from better insulation. These areas often include:

  • Mechanical rooms
  • Hospital sterilization rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Autoclave centers

Benefits of Insulation for Hospitals

Hundreds of medical centers and facilities in all types of industries have recognized the significant upsides of continuous insulation measures. Consider what insulation for hospital ORs can do for your institution:

  • Enhanced safety: Insulation jackets cover your most temperature-affected parts, preventing accidental injuries when people have to get close to them. Plus, Thermaxx’s best-in-class design is secured with straps, fabric fasteners, and other adjustable elements. Should you need to access your equipment directly, you can do so immediately and reposition the insulation when you’re done.
  • Energy savings: Better insulation means less energy loss during transportation. Along with yielding a more regulated output, this small measure translates to long-term energy savings. While you reap the benefits of this improved efficiency, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint, increasing your efforts toward greater energy consciousness without even trying.
  • Cost savings: Through the energy savings you’ll gain from Thermaxx insulation, these jackets often pay for themselves in less than a year. Following that, everything you save is an enhancement to your bottom line. Furthermore, our insulation jackets have been shown to extend equipment lifetimes by adding an extra layer of protection against accidental and elemental exposure. Spend less money on replacing effective machinery and more on maintaining and improving your hospital.
  • Less noise pollution: During crucial moments in surgery or other medical procedures, the last thing your doctors need is to hear a shout or crash outside of their operating or procedure room. Dampening the sound of your equipment means less chance of distraction when your people need quiet to concentrate.

Find the Right Insulation for Your Facility

Sound insulation, protection from the elements, and cost savings are just the beginning of the long-term benefits you’ll receive from Thermaxx hot jackets — and we’ll be happy to demonstrate that to you in person. When a potential client like you expresses interest in our services, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation heat loss survey, during which our engineers will work with you in person to develop a plan for maximum efficiency.

Our collection of thousands of jacket patterns will help us build the perfect solutions for any machinery your facility uses, making your healthcare center safer and more prepared for everyone who passes through its doors. Contact us today to schedule your survey or request a quote for your hospital.

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