Pump Skid Insulation by Thermaxx Jackets

Jul 07 2017

Insulate Your Pump Skids with Thermaxx Jackets to Minimize Heat Loss Thermaxx Jackets are the …

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Weatherproof Actuator Covers: A WeatherMaxx Case Study

May 20 2015

A large school district in the San Antonio, Texas area had a major problem with their actuator “weather protection” covers. The covers were severely affected by UV rays and quickly deteriorated to a point that rain was able to get inside the actuator and cause major shutdown problems. The school district relies on Amcon Controls of San Antonio for their valves and actuators. Upon hearing of the problem, Amcon Controls President Bob Barnebey contacted Thermaxx to help find a solution… More

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Improve Boiler Efficiency with Thermaxx Insulation Jackets

Apr 17 2014
A Boiler Drum Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Silverstein Properties wanted to insulate the front, rear, and rear circle drum of a boiler in its recently acquired property, 3 Mitchell Place in New York City. The 26 story building previously housed the Beekman Tower Hotel. The boiler was running inefficiently and posed a safety hazard because of the high temperature (267°F) of the three components. The boiler must undergo a yearly inspection by an engineer, so ensuring his or her easy access to the boiler was a high priority as well.

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Smart Insulation Jackets at Calabro Cheese: Case Study

Feb 18 2014

About the Calabro Cheese Corporation Calabro Cheese Corporation is a 60 year old family owned …

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