Pump Skid Insulation by Thermaxx Jackets

Insulate Your Pump Skids with Thermaxx Jackets

to Minimize Heat Loss!

Thermaxx Jackets are the ideal removable insulation blanket solution for pump skids.

Bare Pump Skid

A Pump Skid Missing Insulation

Pump Skid Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Pump Skid Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

What Are Pump Skids?

Pump skids are large steel assemblies, that contain all the needed pumps, engines, and other components, which are placed close to a thermal fluid heater. It’s essentially a large foundation for centrifugal pumps and other major components to safely be transported and installed on. They often are built to include backup pumps for systems that cannot have downtime.

Can Pump Skids Be Insulated?

There are many components on pump skids, in addition to the piping, which can be insulated to keep in the heat:

Thermaxx manufactures removable insulation jackets fitted for the various components of your pump skid. Heatec, a pump skid manufacturer in TN, says, “Insulation is highly recommended to minimize heat loss.” We couldn’t agree more!

Thermaxx Jackets help you to…

Save money!
Thermal insulation jackets keep expensive heat from radiating away from your equipment. Whether you’re looking to insulate your heating systems steam valves, PRV stations or tanks, Thermaxx Jackets will lower your energy bill.

Stop heating the wrong spaces.
Heating pipes run through unconditioned spaces before reaching the finished portions of your facilities. Attics, crawl spaces, and basements don’t require the same heating as your actual workspace, yet without insulation much of your expensive heat is going to these places. Insulating your steam pipes and components will allow you to lower the thermostat while achieving a higher level of comfort.

Increase workplace comfort.
Everyone is familiar with a room in their facility that is too hot to work in. This is usually a mechanical room, an area in a crawl space, or a boiler room. Removable blanket insulation will help keep the heat in the pipes and make the work area a more comfortable space to work in.

Easily removable for servicing.
Thermaxx Jackets are made to be easily removed and to replace, ensuring your energy efficiency will not get in the way of regular maintenance. Our quality jackets are made with a hook and loop straps, or 1 inch buckles and D-rings. This keeps the jacket securely in place, while making them easy to remove. Our jackets are also sometimes built with vents and water drainage solutions to help prevent corrosion under insulation.

High quality construction.
Thermaxx Jackets are made with high-quality and state of the art materials by USA manufacturers. For our standard line of jackets, we utilize heat-resistant thread and jacketing to ensure the jacket can handle heat of up to 550°F. (For custom jobs, we can design even higher-temperature insulation jackets). We also use high-temperature insulation materials – either fully hydrophobic aerogel insulation for box-type jackets or glass mat, type E needled fiber. We then sew the components together, ensuring the insulation interior is actively sewn into to jacket to prevent shifting. The result is a high-quality, durable jacket, able to withstand high temperatures and removal without losing quality or functionality.

The Thermaxx guarantee.
We don’t just tell say our thermal insulation jackets are good, we put our money where our mouth is by backing them with an industry-leading 5 year guarantee.

Got questions? We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our thermal blanket insulation solutions. Contact us or give us a call today at (203) 672-1021!


About Thermaxx Jackets

Thermaxx Jackets was founded over 25 years ago with a single purpose: to save energy when traditional stay-in-place insulation is not practical. Combining expertise in heat loss, wireless monitoring, insulation design, and several other disciplines, we’ve become the #1 provider of removable insulation jackets and covers.
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