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From Steam Trap Surveys to Insulation

These days, saving energy is an important consideration for most facilities. Because of this, more and more steam trap surveys are being done every year. This allows customers to analyze some major issues with their systems, and also gives them the opportunity to make any necessary changes. A survey also results in significant energy savings, which is always a win...
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WeatherMaxx Anti-Siphon Valve Weather Protection

We at Thermaxx Jackets LLC have expanded our line of WeatherMaxx products to include anti-siphon valve and exterior sprinkler controllers. A WeatherMaxx cover combines the weather resistance of a heavy weight Silicone cloth with the strength of Kevlar. Our WeatherMaxx covers are made to last, we guarantee them for Five Years! No one else will even consider a guarantee like ours...More
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High Temperature Insulation Materials & Applications

Everyday insulating materials are not sufficient for hot applications. Traditional materials used in insulating blankets, covers and jackets (silicone/fiberglass) start to falter when approaching 600°F. Cover materials start failing, threads start degrading, and insulation starts burning... More
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Did you have freezing issues that could have been prevented?

Spring is just around the corner and that means we can stop worrying about pipes, valves and other components freezing until next fall! That is a statement that is heard all too often at Thermaxx. Customers breathe a sigh of relief and quickly forget about the winter. What about next winter? Remember the cost in time and money? ... More
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Fireproof & Waterproof Insulation Materials

Thermaxx Jackets manufactures jackets for virtually all types of industrial applications. Many of our customers request waterproof and/or fireproof jackets/blankets for their facilities. When choosing insulation material for fireproof applications it is important to consider application type, surrounding environment and ASTM standards when choosing materials... More
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What Is A Steam Trap & How Does It Work?

We’re all familiar with the tried and true method of generating energy, pioneered by our apelike ancestors: fire. Fast forward a few hundred years and fire’s still a top choice, but along the way people realized that lighting fires everywhere that energy is needed can create a host of problems. Maintaining a single fire in a controlled, isolated environment is a lot easier – but you can’t send fire down a tube to where it’s needed! That’s where steam comes into play.. More
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Get LEED Certification For Your Green Building with Thermaxx Insulation

Do you need a few more points for your LEED certification? ThermaXX can help! Whether it is in energy usage, thermal comfort, or another credit category, adding removable insulation can improve your green building and help you meet your goals. ThermaXX is a US based manufacturer of custom, removable insulation jackets, which can help dramatically reduce energy usage and heat loss, plus extend the lifetime of your components... More
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The Smart Jacket Installation Process

Installing a SmartJackets is a simple process that begins once Smart Jacket-ready jackets (other insulation) has been prepared for the components that will be monitored. The first step involved is plugging the gateway into a power source. The gateway contains a radio that communicates with the SmartJacket nodes, and a cellular modem that sends the data to the internet. Prior to installation, our team determines the ideal cellular carrier for the facility and estimates the number of gateways required... More
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Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers Explained

The concept behind a heat exchanger is the use of pipes or other containment vessels to heat or cool one fluid by transferring heat between it and another fluid. In most cases, the exchanger consists of a coiled pipe containing one fluid that passes through a chamber containing another fluid. The walls of the pipe are usually made of metal, or another substance with a high thermal conductivity, to facilitate the interchange, whereas the outer casing of the larger chamber is made of a plastic or coated with thermal insulation, to discourage heat from escaping from the exchanger... More
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Cryogenic Insulation Jacket For Liquid Helium Pump

A customer contacted us about insulating a machine designed to liquefy helium so that it can be transported throughout the machine. In order to do this, the helium must be cooled to about 4 Kelvin (-452⁰ F). Our job is to ensure that the components of the machine are insulated well enough to keep the helium at that temperature. This was by far the coldest application we have encountered so far, so the design of the jacket was going to require some special thought... More
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