Wye Strainers vs Basket Strainers

Mar 14 2019

Simply put a strainer is a component that has a perforated or wire mesh cylinder within the body of the component that causes impurities in the fluid stream to be captured and ultimately flushed out of the system. The fluid enters the body of the strainer, flows into and through the mesh cylinder. The mesh cylinder “strains” out particles such as rust, dirt and other foreign objects, within the fluid stream. Strainers catch larger particles that can interfere with proper operation of valves, steam traps, pumps, flow control valves and just about any component that has moving parts that could be hampered by the particles if not strained out of the fluid stream. Read more.

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Boiler Pipe Insulation

Feb 28 2019

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, any surface over 120°F should be insulated using insulation blankets, including boiler surfaces…” That also includes boiler doors, steam drum covers, access doors, etc. In addition to the main boiler body, the pipes connecting to your boiler should also be insulated. In this article we will identify what boiler pipes are, why they should be insulated, and the best method to insulate your boiler pipes. Read more.

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Heat Loss Surveys

Dec 13 2018

Transforming your facility with insulation begins with a walk-through of the typical areas in a building that would need insulation. We like to start with the heating plant/boiler room or the room in which steam is distributed from the main plant. If you or your company has energy goals, our insulation survey organizes the data that you will need to prove your efforts. Read more.

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Industrial Insulation Blankets

Dec 13 2018
Mixed Insulation Jackets from Thermaxx Jackets

Insulation blankets for industrial applications are vastly different than insulation used for domestic applications. Removable, reusable industrial insulation blankets are made by manufacturing specialists like Thermaxx Jackets with heavy-duty insulation materials that can withstand extreme conditions. In fact, Thermaxx guarantees its insulation jackets for 5 years because they’re built with high-quality materials. Additionally, industrial insulation blankets can be custom made to fit even the most unique component. Read more.

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Regulating Boiler Room Temperature

Nov 28 2018
Typical Boiler Room Piping

A hot boiler room creates many problems. Typically, the ceiling of a boiler room is the bottom of the floor directly above and because heat rises the ceiling area is hot, extremely hot. Many times, we see temperatures exceeding 115°F! The floor above the boiler room radiates heat into the occupied space causing an unanticipated load on the cooling system. The space is so uncomfortable that windows are opened in the winter time wasting more heat. Read more.

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Water Damaged Insulation from Flooding

Nov 14 2018
Steam Utility Tunnel

There were many reports of record rainfall in the United States in 2018. Several states had “One-in-1,000-Year” amounts. Hurricane Florence dropped more than 30 inches of rain as it made its way through the Carolinas in mid-September at least 20 inches of that rain fell over an area the size of New Jersey. In northern Wisconsin/Northern Michigan up to 15 inches of rain inundated parts of the state causing roads to wash away and several rivers reached record crests. There are many more states that suffered like Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, Texas, which all reporting record rainfall totals during summer 2018. Read more.

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Insulating Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Sep 28 2018

Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, or NH₃.  Because of Ammonia’s vaporization properties, it is frequently used as a refrigerant. NH3 boils at −33.34 °C (−28.012 °F) at a pressure of one atmosphere, Ammonia was commonly used before Freons (chlorofluorocarbons) became popular. Read more.

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Preventing the Frozen Pipe Nightmare

Sep 14 2018
Frozen Ball Valve

Summer is nearly over, now is the time to prevent pipe line freeze-ups! Frozen piping doesn’t only happen with water lines, there are many other substances and chemicals that are piped within a facility. Some pipes can cause shutdowns of production lines if the line freezes and breaks, creating hazardous conditions and in general wreak havoc! Read more.

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Best Way to Prevent Chilled Pipe “Sweating” or Condensation

Aug 16 2018

We often hear from clients facing a similar problem: condensation (or sweat) forming on their cold pipe or component. One may think it’s something that can be overlooked, but water can cause serious damage to sensitive piping or equipment if left untreated. Corrosion (the gradual destruction of materials, usually metals, by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment) can occur on the sweating pipe, and the equipment around it leading to messy leaks and equipment failure. Moisture buildup can also cause mold or mildew to form, or create a slippery workspace. In this article, we will discuss the problem in depth and present our solution. Read more.

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Removable Insulation for Oil-Fired Boilers

Jul 19 2018

With the price of fuel oil fluctuating as it does one important constant remains, energy savings. Oil Fired Boilers tend to be are still a very common component used to make hot water or steam. In today’s world we need to look for any way possible to save valuable energy dollars. With the oil-fired boiler that begins with the insulation. Read more.

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