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Water Damaged Pipe Insulation in Hurricanes, Floods & Storms

Fiberglass insulation’s number one enemy is water. Fiberglass is made from water and recycled glass, so the fibers themselves won’t absorb water. However when water gets into the air pockets of fiberglass insulation, it reduces the performance of the insulation because water is a heat conductor. So when the heat presses up against the insulation, the water will push the heat right out of your home. Or if it is the summer, bring the heat into your home. Once that happens, say goodbye to those savings. Fiberglass insulation is also chemically bonded together so when the chemicals get wet, they start to fall apart and the insulation gets broken into small pieces. This makes it useless and a pain to clean up!
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Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Insulation

This article was written by Brian Bannon, Co-Owner of Thermaxx Jackets Water and wastewater treatment plants are normally out of sight and out of mind. That’s because building owners normally do not purchase assets, other than toilets, that use these utilities. Of the 4 major utilities, water, sewer, gas, and electricity, gas and electric seem to be on everyone’s mind.… More
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Air Handler Insulation

Air handling systems, or air handlers, are large metal boxes that can resemble a furnace that contain many components such as air ducts, blowers, air filters, heating or cooling elements, and more. They are found in homes, businesses, and industrial facilities in all sizes. Their purpose is consistent: to move conditioned air throughout an HVAC system and circulate it back into the home or facility.
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Best Way to Insulate Pipe Expansion Joints

This article was written by Meghan Reilly, an insulation expert at Thermaxx Jackets. An expansion joint is a steam system component that is not ordinarily insulated, wasting energy and money!  A Bare Pipe Expansion Joint A Pipe Expansion Joint Insulated by ThermaXX Jackets An expansion joint is designed to retain the expansion and contraction of a pipe due to heat.  … More
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Pump Skid Insulation by Thermaxx Jackets

Pump skids are large steel assemblies, that contain all the needed pumps, engines, and other components, which are placed close to a thermal fluid heater. It's essentially a large foundation for centrifugal pumps and other major components to safely be transported and installed on. They often are built to include backup pumps for systems that cannot have downtime. Learn more.
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From Steam Trap Surveys to Insulation

These days, saving energy is an important consideration for most facilities. Because of this, more and more steam trap surveys are being done every year. This allows customers to analyze some major issues with their systems, and also gives them the opportunity to make any necessary changes. A survey also results in significant energy savings, which is always a win...
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WeatherMaxx Anti-Siphon Valve Weather Protection

We at Thermaxx Jackets LLC have expanded our line of WeatherMaxx products to include anti-siphon valve and exterior sprinkler controllers. A WeatherMaxx cover combines the weather resistance of a heavy weight Silicone cloth with the strength of Kevlar. Our WeatherMaxx covers are made to last, we guarantee them for Five Years! No one else will even consider a guarantee like ours...More
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High Temperature Insulation Materials & Applications

Everyday insulating materials are not sufficient for hot applications. Traditional materials used in insulating blankets, covers and jackets (silicone/fiberglass) start to falter when approaching 600°F. Cover materials start failing, threads start degrading, and insulation starts burning... More
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Did you have freezing issues that could have been prevented?

Spring is just around the corner and that means we can stop worrying about pipes, valves and other components freezing until next fall! That is a statement that is heard all too often at Thermaxx. Customers breathe a sigh of relief and quickly forget about the winter. What about next winter? Remember the cost in time and money? ... More
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Fireproof & Waterproof Insulation Materials

Thermaxx Jackets manufactures jackets for virtually all types of industrial applications. Many of our customers request waterproof and/or fireproof jackets/blankets for their facilities. When choosing insulation material for fireproof applications it is important to consider application type, surrounding environment and ASTM standards when choosing materials... More
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