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Insulation Blankets for RV Accessories: Improve Safety & Lifespan

Mar 16 2018

ThermaXX Jackets was asked for expert insulation advice concerning a barbecue that was placed too close, in the customer’s opinion, to the exterior side of the RV for safe operation of the BBQ. BBQ’s can reach temperatures of 400°F and above, which, when placed too close to a fiberglass surface could cause serious problems. The biggest worry was not fire, although that was a consideration. The main worry was discoloration of the exterior portion of the RV directly behind the BBQ. Additionally the BBQ itself did not come with any kind of a weather cover. Our customer was concerned that if the BBQ was left outside that over time the BBQ components would seriously deteriorate!

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Removable Insulation In New York City, NY

Feb 09 2018
Freezing New York City

New York City has passed legislation in the last ten years, such as LL87, which mandates buildings over 50,000 gross sq. feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures, as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). With fines up to $5,000 issued to those who don’t comply, it’s clear that going green is more than just a suggestion in NYC. Insulation upgrades are included in these retro-commissioning measures, and Thermaxx Jackets has you covered! Read more.

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Why Insulate Ductwork?

Jan 12 2018
Bare Duct Work, Uninsulated

Thermal insulation is a great way to minimize energy loss in ducts. Insulating ducts helps the air within stay at the desired temperature. It also prevents the ducts from leaking air. Ducts which leak air can result in greater energy consumption and expensive utility bills. Read more.

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Well Pressure Tank Removable Insulation Blankets

Dec 21 2017
Well Pressure Tank

A Well Pressure Tank is an extremely important part of a well-pumped water supply system.  Water is pumped into the Well Pressure tank.  The Well Pressure tank has a diaphragm in it that, when compressed, makes the “pressure” in the water system.Many well pressure tanks are in the basement of a home.  Unfortunately , many homes throughout the US do not have a basement.  This presents a problem, the well pressure tank must now be in a structure near the well in an exterior “storage closet,” located in the garage or simply out in the open.  All locations being subject to cold weather. Read more

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Water Damaged Pipe Insulation in Hurricanes, Floods & Storms

Sep 07 2017
A Flood Damaged Building

This article was written by Joey Bannon of Thermaxx Jackets One industry that has changed …

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Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Insulation

Aug 31 2017
Primary clarifier at Siloam Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant in Siloam Springs, AR.

This article was written by Brian Bannon, Co-Owner of Thermaxx Jackets Water and wastewater treatment …

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Air Handler Insulation Blankets

Aug 04 2017
Air Handler Unit

What is an Air Handler? Air handling systems, or air handlers, are large metal boxes …

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Best Way to Insulate Pipe Expansion Joints

Jul 11 2017
Uninsulated Expansion Joint

This article was written by Meghan Reilly, an insulation expert at Thermaxx Jackets. An expansion …

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WeatherMaxx Covers Protect Your Actuator!

Jun 16 2017

This article was written by Will Jones, an insulation expert at Thermaxx Jackets Thermaxx Jackets …

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From Steam Trap Surveys to Insulation

Apr 07 2017
Mixed Insulation Jackets by Thermaxx Jackets

These days, saving energy is an important consideration for most facilities. Because of this, more and more steam trap surveys are being done every year. This allows customers to analyze some major issues with their systems, and also gives them the opportunity to make any necessary changes. A survey also results in significant energy savings, which is always a win…

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