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Is Air An Insulator

Aug 14 2019
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If you’ve dealt with insulation in the past, you may have heard someone say that air is a good insulator. This statement may pose many questions if you are unfamiliar with insulation or the properties of air. To get to the bottom of this, you must ask yourself, “Why is air a good insulator?” Get the answers- read more!

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Protection From Hot Pipes & Components Using Insulation Blankets

Aug 08 2019

Thermaxx Jackets recently had a customer that was seeking to insulate all of the hot pipes and components in their learning facility after an employee had been burned when coming into contact with a bare hot component’s surface. Removable insulation blankets by Thermaxx Jackets are great for improving your steam system’s energy efficiency, but the safety benefits for your personnel are overlooked far too often. Read more.

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Commercial Boiler Insulation

Aug 01 2019
A Boiler Drum Insulated by Thermaxx Jackets

Whether your commercial building is heated using a state-of-the-art high-efficiency commercial boiler or one that twenty years old, you can make it even more efficient by enhancing your commercials boiler’s thermal efficiency with removable insulation blankets made custom for your boiler. Learn more.

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Removable Insulation Blankets vs Conventional Permanent Insulation

Jul 05 2019
side by side comparison of removable insulation vs conventional pipe insulation

Removable Insulation Jackets are used on any component that requires insulation for safety or energy savings and require routine maintenance, periodic inspection, access to the component for any other reason, custom fitting due to being unusually shaped, and additional safety measures. Read more.

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Insulation Blanket Manufacturers

Jun 12 2019
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Industrial insulation blankets come in all shapes and sizes to fit a wide array of components from pressure reducing valves to steam pipes. The businesses that design, cut, and sew together insulating materials to create insulation blankets are called insulation blanket manufacturers. Thermaxx removable insulation blankets are all designed, measured, cut, and hand-sewn in-house making us the industry leading manufacturer of removable insulation products. Read more.

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NYC Climate Mobilization Act: Insulation Upgrades

May 09 2019

On April 18, 2019 the New York City Council passed wide-ranging legislation known as the “Climate Mobilization Act” to significantly reduce greenhouse gases emitted from the city’s built environment in the coming years. New York City’s leading source of greenhouse gases is its buildings! The goal of the bill is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large buildings (25,000 sq. ft+) 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Read more.

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Waterproof Insulation Blankets

Apr 17 2019
Ball Joint Insulated By Thermaxx Jackets

Waterproof insulation blankets are removable insulation blankets that are constructed with materials that are meant to withstand moisture, and allow moisture to escape them. The waterproof insulation blankets should also maintain their insulating properties when exposed to moisture. Read more.

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Thermal Insulation Blanket Suppliers

Apr 10 2019

In 2015 the National Insulation Association (NIA) published a report titled, “The State of the Industry: 60 Years and Counting” in which the author summarizes how the mechanical insulation industry has adapted, evolved, and grown through its existence. The overall success of the industry has led to an increased number of insulation blanket suppliers, making it difficult to choose the best one. Read more.

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Insulation Bid Package Guide

Apr 10 2019

Recently, I was surprised to see so many general insulation contractors throwing their hat into the ring while on a mandatory facility walk-through for an insulation jacket project that was being put out to bid by an engineering firm. When the walk-through was completed we were given a valve list and a couple of notes about the bid process, but key pieces of information were left out. Read more.

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Insulation Blanket Rebates & Incentives

Apr 04 2019

Removable insulation blankets provide many benefits when installed on a component in a steam system or otherwise. The primary benefit being a reduction in wasted energy, as heat can no longer escape the component and dissipate into space. Removable insulation blankets are a simple and effective way to save energy, and dollars, in your facility whether it’s a university, hospital, multi-family building, or industrial building.

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