Pyrogel XT

Pyrogel® XT- Flexible Industrial Insulation for High-Temperature Applications

Pyrogel® XT is a high-temperature insulation blanket formed of silica aerogel and reinforced with a non-woven, glass-fiber batting.

Silica aerogels possess the lowest thermal conductivity of Pyrogel XT high temperature insulation blanketany known solid. Pyrogel XT achieves this industry-leading thermal performance in a flexible, environmentally safe, and easy-to-use product.

Ideal for insulating piping, vessels, tanks, and equipment, Pyrogel XT is an essential material for those seeking the ultimate in thermal efficiency.

Pyrogel Physical Properties

Thicknesses*0.20 in (5 mm)0.40 in (10 mm)
Material Form*60 in (1,500 mm) wide x 260 ft (80 m) long rolls60 in (1,500 mm) wide x 155 ft (47 m) long rolls
Max. Use Temp.1200°F (650°C)1200°F (650°C)
Density*11 lb/ft3 (0.18 g/cc)11 lb/ft3 (0.18 g/cc)
*Nominal Values

Advantages of Pyrogel XT® XT

Superior Thermal Performance 2 to 5 times better than competing insulation products
Reduced Thickness and Profile Equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness
Less Time and Labor to Install Easily cut and conformed to complex shapes, tight curvatures, and spaces with restricted access
Physically Robust Soft and flexible but with excellent springback, Pyrogel XT recovers its thermal performance even after compression events as high as 100 psi
Shipping and Warehousing Savings Reduced material volume, high packing density, and low scrap rates can reduce logistics costs by a factor of five or more compared to rigid, pre-formed insulations
Simplified Inventory Unlike rigid pre-forms such as pipe cover or board, the same Pyrogel XT blanket can be kitted to fit any shape or design
Hydrophobic Yet Breathable Pyrogel repels liquid water but allows vapor to pass through, helping to prevent corrosion under insulation
Environmentally Safe Landfill disposable, shot-free, with no respirable fiber content

Pyrogel® XT Thermal Conductivity

Mean Temp. °C0100200300400500600
Mean Temp. °F322123925727529321112
k mW/m-K20232835466489
k BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F0.

*ASTM c 177 Results; Thermal conductivity measurements taken at a compressive load of 2 psi.

Pyrogel XT Thickness (mm) vs. Process Temperature and Nominal Pipe Size

Pyrogel® XT Specification Compliance and Performance

Test Procedure  PropertyResults
ASTM C 165Compressive Strength Stress at 10% strain = 14.8 psi (102 kPa)Stress at 25% strain = 26.6 psi (183 kPa)
ASTM C 356 Linear Shrinkage Under Soaking Heat< 1.3% @ 1200°F (650°C)
ASTM C 411Hot Surface PerformancePassed
ASTM C 447Estimation of Maximum Use Temperature 1200°F (650°C)
ASTM C 592-04 (Section 11.11, Modified)Heat and Vibration Aging -0.19% mass change after 6 hr vibration
ASTM C 795Insulation for Use Over Austenitic Stainless SteelPassed
ASTM C 1101 Classifying the Flexibility of Mineral Fiber Blankets Class: Resilient Flexible
ASTM C 1104Water Vapor Sorption2.25% (by weight)
ASTM C 1338 Fungal Resistance of Insulation MaterialsPassed
ASTM C 1511Liquid Water Retention After Submersion4% (by weight)
ASTM E 84Surface Burning CharacteristicsFlame Spread Index = 0   Smoke Developed Index = 0
ASTM E 1354Cone CalorimetryNo ignition at 50 kW/m2
BS EN 13501-1: 2007Reaction to Fire Performance Passed Euroclass A2
ISO 1182:1990Non-CombustibilityMeets criteria outlined in ISO 1182:1990

Pyrogel XT Characteristics

Pyrogel XT can be cut using conventional cutting tools including scissors, tin snips, and razor knives. The material can be dusty, and it is recommended gloves, safety glasses, and dust mask be worn when handling matierial. See MSDS for complete health and safety information.

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