Mass Loaded Vinyl

Un-10 NR Noise Barrier

Un-10 NR is a flexible non-reinforced loaded vinyl barrier that is designed to reduce the transmission of noise through walls, ceilings, and floors. Also used as a noise barrier component in acoustical composites.

  • Rolls are available 54″ wide and upt o 60′ long
  • Limp, flexible, formable, versatile
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Extremely easy to install

UN-10 NR Noise Barrier Applications

Typically used as a noise barrier in gypsum wallboard and stud construction to substantially improve transmission loss between rooms. Aslo, utilized as a barrier septum material in acoustical curtain construction to form UNC Style composites.

Product Data

Description: 1 lb-psf non-reinforced loaded vinyl barrier
Standard Width: 54″ wide
Roll Length: 30′ or 60′ long
Weight: 1.0 lb psf
Tensile (PSI): 220
Elongation: 140%
Service Temperature: -20 to +180

Loaded Vinyl Acoustical Performance

Octave Band Frequencies (HZ)
Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 stc
UN-10 NR 13 17 22 26 32 37 26

ASTM E-90 & E413