Flexible Closed Cell Insulation

INSUL-SHEET® with PSA: Flexible Closed Cell Sheet Insulation

Thermaxx Jackets proudly uses Insul-Sheet® with PSA for many of our removable insulation solutions, such as insulation jackets for chilled pipes.

insul-sheetINSUL-SHEET® with Self Seal Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Insulation is an environmentally friendly, CFC-free, flexible elastomeric thermal insulation. It is black in color, marked in gold ink, and supplied as flat sheets (36” x 48”) in standard thicknesses (1/8” thru 2”) in increments of 1/8” (except 7/8”). It is supplied skin one side with a specially formulated scrim reinforced acrylic adhesive and tear resistant release liner on the opposite side. INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is also available in rolls, with a standard roll width of 48”. INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is non-porous, non-fibrous and resists mold growth.
Features of PSA: tear and moisture resistant polyolefin easy release liner, reinforced fiberglass scrim prevents stretching insulation & scrim reinforced improves peel strength.

INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold equipment or ducts. It also effectively retards heat loss when used on hot or cold equipment or ducts. INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is recommended for applications ranging from -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C). INSUL-SHEET® with PSA speeds up installation time and reduces the amount of solvent based contact adhesives required thus making it ideal for retrofit applications. The scrim reinforcement reduces the tendency to stretch the sheet insulation during installation as well as improving the peel strength of the material. INSUL-SHEET® with PSA can be used as both duct liner and duct wrap.

INSUL-SHEET® with PSA thickness has been calculated to control condensation on cold surfaces.

INSUL-SHEET® with PSA Insulation is applied to clean, dry ductwork and equipment by simply peeling the release liner away and applying uniform pressure to the sheet. Compression joints with adhesive applied should be used on all butt edges.

INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is also available with an aluminum composite facing for outdoor applications or preapplied color coating for indoor applications where astethics are important. Contact Nomaco K-Flex for specific installation instructions. INSUL-SHEET® with PSA is acceptable for use in duct or plennum applications, meeting the requirements of NFPA 90A.

For optimum performance, outdoor applications require 374 UV Protective Coating or other recommended protective coating, cladding or jacketing. For best appearance, two coats are recommended.

The closed-cell structure and unique formulation of INSUL-SHEET® with PSA effectively retards the flow of moisture vapor, and is considered a low transmittance vapor retarder. For most applications, INSUL-SHEET® with PSA needs no additional protection.

Additional vapor barrier protection may be necessary for INSUL-SHEET® with PSA when installed on low temperature surfaces that are exposed to continuous high humidity.


  • ASTM C 534 Type 2 (Sheet)
  • ASTM D 1056-00-2C1
  • ASTM C 1534-02  (Duct Liner Specification)
  • New York City MEA 186-86-M Vol. IV
  • USDA Requirements
  • Flammability: UL 94-5V Flammability Classification (Recognition No. E147665)
  • ASTM E 84
  • Foam Core: 25/50 at 1” and below
  • PSA: 0/10
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 90A:  Sect. 2.3.3 for Supplementary Materials for Air Distribution Systems
  • Meets requirements of UL 181 sections 11.0 and 16.0 (Mold Growth/Air Erosion)
  • Meets requirements of ASTM C-411  (Test Method for Hot Surface Performance of High Temperature Thermal Insulation)


*INSUL-SHEET® with PSA in thickness noted within the specified temperature ranges will prevent condensation on indoor piping under design conditions defined below. Thickness recommendations above 1″ can be layered to achieve thickness.
Normal: Maximum severity of indoor conditions seldom exceed 85°F (29°C) and 70% R.H. in United States.
Mild: Typical conditions are most air-conditioned spaces and arid climates.
Severe: Generally found in areas where excessive moisture is introduced or in poorly ventilated areas where the temperature may be depressed below the ambient. Under conditions of high humidity, additional thickness of insulation may be required.


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