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WeatherMaxx Anti-Siphon Valve Weather Protection

anti-siphon valve cover

We at Thermaxx Jackets LLC have expanded our line of WeatherMaxx products to include anti-siphon valve and exterior sprinkler controllers. A WeatherMaxx cover combines the weather resistance of a heavy weight Silicone cloth with the strength of Kevlar. Our WeatherMaxx covers are made to last, we guarantee them for Five Years! No one else will even consider a guarantee like ours…More

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The Thermaxx Jackets Win Bob Greenwood Tournament


If the Thermaxx Jackets were hoping to make a return trip to the National Amateur Baseball Federation Northeast Regionals and another run back to the NABF Major Division World Series, that journey would have to start against Flanagan Associates Friday evening in the West Haven Twilight League’s Bob Greenwood Tournament championship… More

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Linking Information to Assets: Information Assets Management

QR Code: Linking Information to Assets

One morning before work, I walked through our manufacturing plant and looked around. It was different. The employees had not shown up yet. Linking Information to Assets My eyes were still adjusting to the LED lighting I had just switched on. As I glanced across the floor from side to side, I thought to myself, there are a lot of THINGS in this space. I mean a lot… More

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Thermaxx Jackets Named “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer”


Every week, Senator Chris Murphy highlights a manufacturer that is doing great work in the state of Connecticut. On the week of May 16th, 2016, Thermaxx Jackets was selected as “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer.” Thermaxx is proud to call Connecticut home, and just as proud to be in the Senator’s spotlight. Below are some details shared by the Senator’s office…More

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Smart Tags for Steam Trap Surveys


ThermaXX Removable Jackets have been using Laser Etched Asset tags for 3 years. Within the last 18 months the information about our jackets have been live on the internet with a quick scan of the ThermaXX or Off the Shelf QR Code reader App… More

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Insulation jobs are “Most In-Demand” in CT. Small business thrives.

Pic 3

In 2009, one of our service divisions started manufacturing removable insulation jackets for a customer in CT, and ThermaXX was born. We quickly centralized our manufacturing operations in West Haven, CT. With a sales team consisting of myself and longtime employee and friend William Jones, we started to build a company and began working outside of CT. Read more about our story…More

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High Temperature Insulation Materials & Applications

Turbine Gimpel Valve Before

Everyday insulating materials are not sufficient for hot applications. Traditional materials used in insulating blankets, covers and jackets (silicone/fiberglass) start to falter when approaching 600°F. Cover materials start failing, threads start degrading, and insulation starts burning… More

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Did you have freezing issues that could have been prevented?

insulation jacket under a bridge

Spring is just around the corner and that means we can stop worrying about pipes, valves and other components freezing until next fall! That is a statement that is heard all too often at Thermaxx. Customers breathe a sigh of relief and quickly forget about the winter. What about next winter? Remember the cost in time and money? … More

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