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The WeatherMaxx Cover

Maximum Weather Protection for Actuators & Other Components

Thermaxx WeathermaXX Cut Sheet

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The Thermaxx WeatherMaxx Cover is a versatile, durable, convenient, cost-effective non-insulatin, weather-proof protective cover designed to shield actuators, water valves, electrical equipment, and other important outdoor components from the elements.

The WeatherMaxx cover is a relatively simple product that alleviates what can be complicated problems. The WeatherMaxx cover is used on actuators or any piece of equipment that can be harmed by rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail or harmful UV rays.

Many manufactures supply a “weather cover” for their actuators. The problem with these covers is that they are greatly affected by UV rays and the cover breaks down over time Rendering them useless.

Actuator manufactures such as Belimo, Johnson Controls, Bray, WellMark, MECO, Kimray, ASCO, Baumann, Culpes-Vulcan, Fisher, REXA, Leslie, and a host of other companies rely on plastic “box’s” that are ruined by UV Rays. Once the weather proof container is compromised the actuator gets very wet. If the actuator is electronic, or has a sensitive electronic board and moisture penetrates into that sensitive area then the actuator will fail and the problems begin: unplanned shutdowns, no chilled water to keep the building cool, it could be in the winter that the building heat is compromised, any number of anomalies can occur.

Weathermaxx Cover

Made in USA

Thermaxx has a solution for this vexing problem. It’s a simple, easy to use non-insulating cover that we call the “WeatherMaxx” cover. Simply put the cover is made of EJ1650 Teflon/Fiberglass composite material, the weight is 16.5 Oz per Sq. Yd. The Jacket is sewn with a 35lb. break strength Aramid, 92 commercial weight thread and is securely held onto the component with a 500lb. break strenght 3/16” flat Aramid pull cord.

The WeatherMaxx cover is made in 4 styles that fit most Actuators, WMX-6 x 6, this is 6” in diameter and the side wall is 6”, WMX-8X12, WMX-10X12 and WMX-14X12.  In all cases the first number is the diameter and the 2nd number is the sidewall height.

As mentioned we stock standard sizes, however, at Thermaxx we can make a WeatherMaxx cover for virtually anything as long as the temperature of the component is less than 600°F (315.5°C).

(Note: for more protection, we offer insulated anti-freeze covers as well.)

Use the versatile WeatherMaxx as a:

  • pneumatic or electric actuator cover
  • cover for water valve actuators such as Belimo, Johnson Controls, and Siemens makes.
  • outdoor electrical cover
  • electric box cover
  • meter cover
  • other equipment cover

WeatherMaxx Cover Features

Quality Material
Our WeatherMaxx Cover is constructed of a 15.5 oz/sq. yd Teflon/Fiberglass composite material, which is:

  • weather resistant
  • water resistant
  • resistant to severe chemical and temperature exposure
  • flame retardant
  • UV resistant

Easy to remove and replace, the WeatherMaxx Cover is safely secured via a bottom seal cord.

The Right Fit
The WeatherMaxx Cover will fit many different sizes and configuration of common components. Available in 5 standard sizes, we can also manufacture custom weather covers to fit any size or configuration.

Backed by Thermaxx’s 5 Year Guarantee

Ready for a Quote? We’re happy to quote pricing or answer any questions you have about our WeatherMaxx Cover. Contact us or give us a call today at (203) 932-9639!

Looking to replace your Kele KOV Series Fabric Weatherproof Globe Valve Actuator Cover? ThermaXX has the solution! Refer to our Kele/WeatherMaXX conversion table* below to find a WeatherMaXX cover for you:

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