Thermaxx Offers “Turn-Key” Full-Service Insulation Solutions

Did you know that when we perform our insulation survey, we take every type of insulation needed into consideration? Thermaxx provides solutions for all your insulation needs. If you are looking for a way to make a big impact quickly in your facility, consider the pipe insulation condition in your mechanical rooms and heating plant. Often we are asked, should this be replaced? YES!

Our in-house pipe insulation crew is working daily on pipe insulation jobs in Connecticut and New York. In other parts of the country, we partner up with sub-contractors who assist with projects and perform our pipe insulation work and Thermaxx Jacket installs.

Prescriptive incentives are available from most utility companies and this has increased the ability for building owners and property managers to move forward with the much needed pipe insulation work in their buildings. In the past, facility managers were putting insulation work at the bottom of their to-do list. Our insulation survey has changed that tremendously! Our survey has shown that insulating pipes with the proper insulation can lead to savings that are returned in less than one year!

We are going to steer you in the right direction. We will research local codes and use the proper thickness and type of insulation needed. Steam and chilled water needs to be addressed differently! In addition to losing money and wasting energy by poorly insulating hot pipes, chilled water piping can pose a totally different problem. Right around this time of year when the weather turns warm and air conditioners are turned on, condensation on piping begins! If your chilled water or dual temperature pipes are un-insulated or insulated with the wrong material, you will suffer from sweating pipes. This can lead to a myriad of problems and if untreated will begin to create mold in the area. We have assisted many clients in universities, hospitals, commercial office buildings, and multi-family residential properties with cleaning up and removing damaged insulation due to condensation. It is important to assess the situation and then make a determination of what would be best to solve the problem.

We are aware that fiberglass and PVC may not be the best solution for a steam vault that regularly takes on water. When approaching a chilled water job, using Armaflex instead of fiberglass might be the better choice. All outdoor projects have to consider hydrophobic insulation to prevent damage from weather and water. Our specification available online references these scenarios and more.

All of our insulation crew and sub-contractors are OSHA trained and insured. We take the highest precaution when working in your facility. Please contact us today for a quote and insulation survey that will help you get your building working at an optimal level from the basement to the roof.

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