Section 15260 Product Specifications Chilled Water Components

Section 15260 Product Specifications Chilled Water Components (40F – 0F) 



  1. Warranty all materials and labor from manufacture defects for a period of 5Years 



  1. Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in manufacturing the products specified in this Section with minimum Five years documented experience. 
  2. Made in USA



A. Manufacturers:

  1. Thermaxx, LLC, 14 Farwell Street, West Haven, CT. 06516 

B. Insulation 

  1. For Chilled Water Jackets: High/Low-temperature insulation blanket formed of 10mm Cryogel with vapor barrier and reflectix wrap top and bottom. All Insulation must be hydrophobic. 
  2. All insulation materials shall be Non-Asbestos 


C. Jacket: 

  1. Pipe Side 
  • Silicone coated fiberglass cloth, 17 oz. 


  1. Exterior Side 
  • Silicone coated fiberglass cloth, 17 oz. 


D. Thread: 

  1. Good to -425°F 
  2. Begins to decompose at about 800 degrees (400 degrees C). 
  3. Does not melt 
  4. Diameter- .0114 
  5. Break Point – 35LBS 


E. Construction:

  1. Sewn using a lock stitch with a minimum 4 to 6 stitches per inch. Jackets shall be sewn with (1) row of stitching using thread in section 1.3D. The thread must be able to withstand the skin temperatures without degradation. 
  2. Hog rings, staples and wire are not are not acceptable methods of closure unless specified as needed by Thermaxx. 
  3. No raw cut jacket edges shall be exposed. 
  4. Jackets shall be fastened using hook and loop (Velcro) as well asstrapping and 1” D-Rings 
  5. All stitching will be done with thread in section 1.3D. 
  6. Provide a permanently attached Aluminum or stainless steel nameplate on each jacket to identify its location, size and tag number. 
  7. Chilled Water jackets could have filler inside the jackets to reduce the volume inside and eliminate icing. 

The insulation shall be designed to prevent sweating in the space between the cold metal surface and the inner layer of insulation. If needed, Materials can be supplied to fill the voids between the jacket and the component to be insulated (loose Utilicore). To this end, during jacket fabrication, the layers of insulating mat shall be placed in an overlapping pattern and the use of Armaflex could be used as a gasket material to eliminate cold air movement and subsequent condensation and icing. 

  1. All jacket pieces which match mating seams must include an extended 2″ flap constructed from the exterior fabric and shall be secured using hook & loop closure (i.e. Velcro TM) parallel to the seam. 
  2. Outer Insulation layer must be sewn as integral part of the jacket to prevent shifting of the insulation. Inner insulation layers are designed to move during installation to fully wrap and cover the component.



  1. Insulation thickness: As required by pipe size and temperature. 10mm Cryogel with vapor barrier and 2 layers of reflectix is the standard thicknesses for Chilled Water components ranging from 40F to 0F.