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Thermaxx Gear: Gowns & Suits

The Thermaxx, LLC family is looking to do its part to help protect our first responders and medical personnel on the front lines. As an industry leading expert in the manufacturing of removable pipe insulation for energy savings, we are no stranger to taking on tough projects and getting them done!

As the COVID-19 pandemic gained traction, Thermaxx’s primary goal as always was the health and safety of our employees. We adhered to the State of Connecticut Executive Order and instructed our employees to stay home & stay safe.

News broke about the possible shortage of medical supplies like masks, suits, gloves, gowns, etc. The Thermaxx management team called an emergency meeting and began a plan to retool the factory to manufacture disposable gowns. Thermaxx worked closely with CT first responders to design a product and was manufacturing samples two days later. Our temporary production line is scheduled to open Saturday March 28th, 2020.

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