Outdoor Air Release Valve Insulation Jackets

Thermaxx removable insulation jackets for air release valves can protect valves from freezing in cold weather and can conserve heat in hot pipe systems.

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About Air Release Valves

Air release valves (sometimes called air relief valves, though these are actually slightly different valves) are pipe system components that, as the name implies, release unwanted trapped air from the system. Since air rises, air release valves are generally installed at high points in pipelines. Typically, the valve is in open position by default and allows the air to escape when the system is pressurized; when liquid rises, a buoyant poppet or float closes the valve. Air release valves are important because trapped air pockets can reduce system efficiency and produce unwanted surges from built-up, trapped air pockets.

Insulating Air Release Valves

Insulating air release valves and air relief valves can serve two important purposes. First, insulation air release valves helps conserve system energy at a point where it often escape. Second, outdoor air release valves are at risk for freezing. If an air release valve freezes, it becomes inoperable and can cause critical system-wide problems.

Thermaxx custom removable insulation jackets can be used to address both energy loss and freeze protection for air release valves, air relief valves, and combination air-release/air-relief valves.

Our insulation is often used in residential water main valve and wastewater valves. We insulate Flomatic, ValMatic, A.R.I. , and Vent-O-Mat air release valves, among others.

Thermaxx Air Release Valve Insulation Features

  • Heat trace ready: Our air release valve covers can come with belt loops sewn on the inside of the jackets, so they are ready for installation of heat tracing if needed. Thermaxx does not supply heat trace but can recommend distributors in your area. Some users don’t require belt loops but ask that the jacket fit snug over the component and heat trace.
  • The right fit: We craft blanket insulation to exact fit for many specific air release valve models. In addition, our expert technicians and engineers also design insulation jackets to exact specifications for custom jobs.
  • Convenient: Our insulated enclosures are designed to be able to be removed and replaced easily and quickly by any personnel.  They use a simple closure system of velcro and D-rings, with seal flaps used to connect the removable jacket to the adjacent insulation. In addition, when heat tracing is installed, the heat tracing comes off with the jacket when the jacket is removed.
  • Cost effective: We’ll provide you with valve insulation cover that work best for your climate, needs, and device. Size, shape, material selection, and thickness are tailored to your needs. Being able to buy exactly the jacket you need means you don’t have to pay for un-needed insulation.
  • High quality: Our blanket insulation is painstakingly designed and crafted to remain effective under harsh conditions for extended periods of time. As with all Thermaxx Jackets, we stand behind our air release valve jackets with a 5 year guarantee.

Got questions? We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our air release valve jackets or any of our other removable insulation solutions for your facility. Contact Us Button