Climate Plan Compliance & Insulation

Mar 13 2020

Throughout the country and across the world, the sentiment is catching on and the pleas of the scientists are being heard. In April of 2019, NYC enacted its most stringent effort to date, The Climate Mobilization Act. In the same state, slated for 2021, is the anticipated decommissioning of Indian Point, a major source of electrical power. LL87, LL97, are just a few of the energy related actions taking place in New York right now. 

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Rooftop Pipe Insulation Blankets

Mar 12 2020

Outdoor mechanical systems create many challenges for the facility managers and engineers tasked with maintaining them. While most HVAC systems are found within a facility, in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms and penthouses, often times that piping is run outdoors on rooftops as well. 

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Removable Insulation Blankets For Exhaust Systems

Feb 27 2020

Thermaxx Jackets has decades of experience designing, hand-sewing, and installing custom insulation blankets for industrial …

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St. Mary’s Medical Center of Dignity Health: Insulation Jacket Case Study

Feb 20 2020

Since 1857 St. Mary’s Medical Center has cared for the people of San Francisco. Located across the street from the Golden Gate park, it is the first Catholic Hospital opened by the Sisters of Mercy in San Francisco. It is recognized for its incredible Stroke Center and Heart Attack Care. For over 90 years the tireless efforts of the Sisters and Physicians, serving all, makes St Mary’s the oldest running hospital in San Francisco. Read more.

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Where To Buy Insulation Blankets

Jan 22 2020

When you are considering buying insulation blankets for the mechanical components in your building, facility, or campus like boilers, steam traps, steam pipes, etc. you are presented with a wide variety of options and technologies to invest it. The complexity of your choice is only compounded by the many contractors and corporations that compete to design, manufacture, deliver, and/or install the insulation for you. This article is meant to help you in providing some considerations to make before deciding where to buy removable insulation blankets.

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Insulation Case Study: Crosby Building | 516 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco CA

Jan 09 2020

The Crosby Building, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin, is a low income multi–family building master leased and managed by Episcopal Community Services (ECS). ECS is San Francisco’s largest, most comprehensive provider of services and supportive housing and a leader in San Francisco’s plan to create more supportive housing for homeless individuals and families. Maggie Holmes, in charge of master leased operations for ECS, along with Devon Berry, Energy Efficiency Specialist of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, reached out to Thermaxx and Lovelight Solutions to help make the building more energy efficient.

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NYC Local Law 87 (LL87) & 97 (LL97) & Insulation Blankets

Jan 05 2020
NYC Central Park

On December 28, 2009, New York City enacted a new law requiring energy audits and retro-commissioning of many buildings — local law 87. Local law 87 requires many large buildings to “undergo an energy audit every ten years, along with retro-commissioning, to “tune up” the building’s existing systems and ensure efficient operation…”More

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Reduce GHG Emissions In CA With Insulation Blankets

Dec 12 2019

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been the focus of legislation at the state & city levels that is sweeping the country, and California is no exception. In this legislation building GHG emissions are tracked and reductions are implemented using benchmarking. Every city has its own goals, which are usually accompanied with penalties for missing benchmarking requirements…

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Aerogel Insulation Blankets By Thermaxx Jackets

Nov 21 2019

Aerogels are a diverse class of porous, solid materials that exhibit an uncanny array of extreme materials properties. Most notably aerogels are known for their extreme low densities (which range from 0.0011 to ~0.5 g cm-3) and thermal insulating properties. Silica aerogel is the most common type of aerogel, most frequently seen in photographs and what people generally refer to when using the word “aerogel” without an adjective in front (although there are many other types of aerogel). Read more.

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Thermaxx CEO Speaks About Automation At Salesforce Conference

Nov 13 2019

On November 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm in San Francisco, CA Thermaxx CEO Philip J. Johns will speak at the annual Salesforce conference, Dreamforce. The topic, “How A Custom Manufacturer Automates Production Processes With Salesforce” will highlight the ways in which Thermaxx Jackets has led the insulation blanket industry by maximizing efficiency with technology, & more specifically Salesforce. Read more.

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