DIY Thermaxx Gown: How-To Guide

The Disposable Gown Inventory Crisis: Join The Fight!

Thermaxx Jackets has temporarily converted our production lines to make disposable gowns instead of insulation in an effort to support the healthcare professionals & first responders helping those affected by COVID-19.

The volume of demand for this product became immediately clear when more than 100 organizations requested gowns within the first two days of operations. Due to limitations with our workforce, time, location, & materials we cannot supply the urgent demand alone. To provide a solution that can be implemented by any individuals, families, or manufacturing facilities across the country we have put together a:


This guide presents all of the information you need to begin producing your own disposable gowns for your neighboring nurses, doctors, firefighters, and first responders including:

  • Tips on constructing your own disposable gown
  • Supplies required
  • Step-by-step instructions

A typical family could produce 2-3 gowns in one sitting. These gowns could be what keeps our first responders healthy during this crisis. 

Tag photos of your completed gowns with the hashtag #ThermaxxGown & share tips, we’ll share them with our community! Please watch the videos below for further help with constructing your own Thermaxx Disposable Gowns for the first responders and healthcare professionals in your community.

How To Assemble A Thermaxx Disposable Gown Using A Sewing Machine


How To Make A Thermaxx Disposable Gown At Home


Tips on Laying Out & Cutting Thermaxx Disposable Gowns from Homewrap


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