Hot Insulation Jackets Cut Sheet

Hot Insulation Jackets Cut Sheet 

For Hot Water & Steam Piping Components

The Thermaxx Hot Jacket is a removable insulation jacket that can be designed for dry or wet applications. It is custom fitted for components including gate valves, globe valves, prv’s, steam traps, unions, flanges, and more!

Thermaxx Hot Jackets provide multiple benefits for facilities:

  • Maximum energy savings
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Average Return on Investment is under 2 years

TempuratureInner MaterialInsulation
(Dry applications listed)
Outer MaterialAnticipated Touch
100-349°F Silicone1” Needled FiberglassSilicone<120°F
350-424°F Silicone1” Needled Fiberglass + 0.25”
Ceramic Paper or 5mm Pyrogel
425-475°FSilicone or EJ16500 1.5” Needled Fiberglass + 0.5”
Ceramic Paper or 10mm Pyrogel
Silicone or EJ1650<120°F
>475°FCustom As DesignedCustom As Designed

Touch temp is based on ambient temperature of 85°F & 6” pipe | Pyrogel substituted fiberglass in wet/damp applications (see sample specification)

Cut Sheet: Hot Insulation Jackets

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