Thermaxx & Utility Companies Perform Remote Inspections For Insulation Projects Nationwide

We have been busy planning our emergence since the stay at home order was issued! On our weekly calls, the Thermaxx sales team has been strategizing so that all momentum is not lost when states start loosening rules and easing back into working. Our goal is to hit the ground running– carefully, of course, and not lose the progress that has been made in the energy sector.

We have tied our data collection tool directly to Salesforce and have the ability to generate an insulation survey within 24 hours of walking through a property. Going into this new phase of remote working, we luckily had a backlog of many jobs we surveyed. A lot of our projects are incentive eligible and require much more attention beyond the typical procurement process. Most utility incentive programs require a pre & post inspection.  When we perform a site walk through, we are documenting all the required data for the incentive engineering review with our app, including photographs of each “asset.”  

We reached out to the utility companies we work with and they agreed– the EET field app we are using to perform our insulation surveys can be used for utility company remote pre inspections!  Since presenting this idea, we have successfully submitted 6 incentive application packages in NY, CT, CA, OR and MA. We have also used our partner Slate Pages, to perform post inspections.

For more information on how to move your incentive eligible insulation project through the engineering and procurement process remotely, contact Suzanne Rowe Barrett @

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