KELE KOV Series Actuator Cover vs. WeatherMaXX Covers

Looking to replace your KELE KOV Series Fabric Weatherproof Cover for Globe Valve Actuators? Many customers contact us with a story similar to Mr. Rowland’s:

“Our chemistry building has eight valve actuators on its roof that are exposed to the elements. When they were installed in 2014, the general contractor installed Kele KOV covers on each of them. All eight covers disintegrated within a year and were replaced, out of warranty, with identical Kele KOV covers. The second set of covers performed just as poorly. The nylon webbing that Kele uses on their covers is not resistant enough to UV light; the webbing becomes so brittle after a year of sun exposure that it turns to dust when touched. Once the nylon webbing fails, the covers blow away with the wind.”

-E. Rowland, Former Kele KOV Actuator Cover owner

In an effort to alleviate any confusion between the KELE KOV actuator cover and the Thermaxx WeatherMaXX sizes, we are offering this conversion chart.

Discontinued KOV Series
Cover Size
Replacement Size
KOV-1 WMX-6dx7h
KOV-2 WMX-8dx10h
KOV-3 WMX-10dx12h
KOV-4 WMX-14dx12h
WeatherMaXX Cover

WeatherMaXX Cover

The WeatherMaXX actuator cover by Thermaxx is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The cover is made of a heavy duty 17oz./sq yd. Silicone cloth. The covers are sewn with an aramid thread with a 35lb. break strength and have a 1” wide strap with stainless steel double D rings to secure the cover to the actuator.

The WeatherMaXX covers have an upper temperature limit of 480°F. The cover is UV resistant and will not support the growth of mold or mildew. Thermaxx guarantees the WeatherMaxx cover for a full five years.

All materials used in the WeatherMaXX Cover are made in the United States, the covers themselves are made in West Haven, CT rather than China. Thermaxx is a premier manufacture of removable, reusable insulation jackets and believes in buying and using only products made in the United States. ALL Thermaxx products are handmade in West Haven, CT.

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