TCI Teflon LFP 2112

LFP™ 2112 CrossFilm™ by TCI

100% PTFE Corrosion Liner Engineered for Corrosive Conditions

Closeup of LFP 2112 CrossFilm by TCIThis 100% PTFE expansion joint material is designed for the most challenging applications in industry. LFP™ 2112 CrossFilm™ is a flexible, 0.012” (0.3 mm) thick, PTFE product. Because of its unique multidirectional strength and stress crack resistance, LFP™ 2112 CrossFilm™is a self supporting material. No reinforcements, which are susceptible to chemical attack, are needed. LFP™ CrossFilm™ corrosion liners also have tremendous flexing capability, easily outlasting fiberglass reinforced materials and other PTFE products in flexing tests. LFP™ CrossFilm™ corrosion liners can be fabricated or molded into all shapes and sizes.

The technology that circumvents inherent shortcomings in conventional perfluoroplastic materials utilizes a cross-pattern lamination process containing oriented PTFE film. The cross-pattern will typically incorporate 3 mil or 4 mil film plies. On occasion, thinner plies will be stacked to create thicker plies, such as 9 mil or 10 mil plies, for the laminate design.

LFP™ CrossFilm™ Technology: Breakthrough technologyLFP CrossFilm  Tear Stength Graph now permits thick PTFE liners to be used in expansion joint service without the fear of stress cracking due to severe operating conditions. As witnessed by the chart, LFP™ CrossFilm™ is a different perfluoroplastic altogether. It is easy to see why one judge for Chemical Processing’s Vaaler Award concluded, “This is the first major improvement in the fluoroplastic industry since its introduction some 40-odd years ago.” Ensure Safety! Use thick LFP™ CrossFilm™ technology.

AWARDS: LFP™ CrossFilm™ is the winner of the 1995 Dupont Plunkett Award and Chemical Processing’s Vaaler Award. Also, LFP™ CrossFilm™ has been specified by the U.S. Navy as a flexible chemical liner in the next generation of nuclear submarines.

LFP™ 2112 CrossFilm™ Properties:

Upper Use Temperature: 600ºF (316ºC) Continuous Service
Weight: 18 oz/yd² (610 g/m²)
Thickness: 0.012″ (0.30 mm)
Width: 60″ (1524 mm); Special Widths Available
Tensile Strength: 40 lbs/in (357.5 N/50 mm)
Tear Strength: 35 lbs (158.8 N)

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