TCI Teflon LFP 2109

LFP™ 2109 CrossFilm™ by TCI

LFP™2109 CrossFilm™ is an award winning material breakthrough for the most challenging insulation jacketing applications.View Cross pattern lamination in TCI LFP 2109

  • Flexible, tear resistant, 100% PTFE material.
  • Color, thickness, conductivity, and width variations are available.
  • Winner of 1995 Dupont’s Plunkett Award and Chemical Proccessing’s Vaaler Award.
  • Easily sewn or heat sealed.
  • Proven to be unaffected by complete immersion in wet, chemical environments since its invention in 1993.

LFP™ CrossFilm™ Technology: Breakthrough technology now permits an all PTFE material to be used in insulation jacketing service without the fear of stress cracking LFP Tear Strength Graphdue to severe operating conditions. As witnessed by the chart, LFP™CrossFilm is a different perfluoroplastic altogether. Ensure performance by using LFP™ CrossFilm™ Technology and see why one judge for Chemical Processing’s Vaaler Award concluded, “This is the first major improvement in the fluoroplastic industry since its introduction some 40-odd years ago.”

LFP™ 2109 CrossFilm™ Properties

Upper Use Temperature: 600°F (316°C) Continuous
Weight: 13.50z/yd2 (457.8 g/m”)
Thickness: 0.009″ (0.23 mm)
Width: 60″ (1524 mm); Cut-to-size widths available
Tensile Strength: 25 lbs/in (223 N/50 mm)
Tear Strength: 22 lbs (99.8 N)

LFP™ Crossfilm™ is a trademark of TEXTILES COATED INCORPORATED.
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