EJ 1650 PTFE/Fiberglass Composite

EJ 1650 Description:

ej 1650 insulation jacket materialThis PTFE/fiberglass composite is designed for challenging insulation jacketing aplications.

  • successfully used in insulation jacketing service since 1985
  • special coating technology for industrial fabrication.
  • severe chemical and temperature exposure capabilities.
  • variations engineered upon request
  • easily sewn
  • flame retardant


Ej 1650 insulation jacket material colors

EJ 1650 Properties:

Upper Use Temperature 550° (287°c)
Weight 16.5 oz/yard² (560 g/m²
Thickness 0.017″ (43mm)
Width 60″ (1524mm) Nominal
Tensile Strenght (Warp) 410 lbs/inch (3664N/50mm)
Tesile Strenght (Fill) 355 lbs/in (3173n/50mm)

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