Colored Removable Pipe Insulation

This article was written by Jack McTigue of Thermaxx Jackets

Yellow Colored Insulation BlanketThermaxx Jackets has expanded our available color schemes for your next removable insulation blankets! Colored insulation jackets can bring school spirit to your boiler room with insulation jackets that match your school colors or simply indicate operating temperatures. Typically, there are three main colors used in a steam room: Yellow, Orange and Blue.

Why color coordinate your pipe insulation? This way everyone knows, engineers and mechanical contractors, which color is associated with each type of application. Also, it gives the steam room a nice aesthetic appeal.

Colored Pipe Insulation Meaning:

Yellow = Steam (Anything over 205°F)

Orange = Condensate (Anything under 200°F)

Light Blue = Chilled Water (60°F and under)

Grey = All other applications

For custom colored pipe insulation, please allow a 6 week wait time. For more information on our insulation blankets, check out our products or contact us.

Yellow Insulation Blanket

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