Will Jones

Will Jones is the VP of Business Development at Thermaxx

William has been in the heating and cooling industry for the past 42 years. Starting out in 1972 in the Plumbing and Heating industry he obtained his Journeyman Plumbers license, then his Master Plumbers license and in Connecticut, the P-1 unlimited Plumbing and Piping license.

William Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Haven. His favorite subject was physics and specifically heat transfer. Being extremely interested in Boilers and steam he then spent several years as a sales engineer concentrating on steam systems and thermal efficiency. It is this vast experience in the steam industry that has brought William to the point of being the foremost designer of removable, reusable insulation jackets in the United States. William is responsible for the design and specification of the Thermaxx LLC removable, reusable, insulation jackets.